Concentartion id key to self development

How to concentrate on four Magic Steps to start enjoying life to its fullest?

Being focused and attaining a “flow state” can dramatically increase productivity, but achieving that

degree of focus is not always simple.

Setting clear goals and being able to maintain a high degree of focus, according to research, can help

with both the enjoyment and performance of an activity.

Then there’s the importance of concentration.

Concentration is defined as “the act of concentrating; the state of being concentrated, exclusive attention

to one object;close the mental application,” according to the dictionary.

What exactly do you mean when you say “concentration”?

The narrative of Arjuna from the Indian epic Mahabharata is the ideal approach to learn

about concentration.

This is how the narrative goes.

This epic narrates the account of an archer who could always hit his target when he focused on it.

Drona Archarya, Arjuna’s teacher, was the finest teacher who ever lived, and Arjuna had razor-sharp focus.

Concentration of Arjuna

Drona had a lot of students, but Arjuna was the best archer of them all.

According to the storey, one of Drona’s other students accused him of favouritism, and Drona retaliated by

challenging all of the students to an archery competition.

He challenged them to hit the eye of a wooden bird.

His first learner, Yudhistar, tested the shot and claimed that when he aimed at the bird, he could see the sun,

clouds, and trees.

He didn’t make the shot.

The second student, Ashwathama, attempted the shot and was able to view the bird, the limb on which the

the bird was perched, the mango near the bird, the foliage, and other elements.

He also missed the target.

Arjuna was the final one to attempt the shot.

When asked what he could see, he said he could see the bird’s eye.

He didn’t notice the tree, the branch, or the bird at all.

He just noticed the eye and was able to hit his objective.

The storey illustrates the importance of concentration and focus.

One of the most common obstacles to success is a person’s inability to concentrate.

Disturbances are encouraged to get in the way and stymie progress when there are pauses.

It is critical to understand how to concentrate if one wishes to progress on their path to success.

We’ll show you how to do some simple exercises that are also simple to apply.

Learn how to stay focused in the midst of life’s chaos by following four magical steps that teach

you how to concentrate on your objective.

1) The sound of quiet:

Most people can’t concentrate when it’s too loud, but some people work better when there’s music

playing or when they’re in a crowded environment with others.

If you’re not sure what suits you best yet, Then experiment with the various settings. How? Take a

notepad and a pencil or pen with you and try to compose a letter in each of the three scenarios in

the allotted time. It’ll take ten minutes. That’s all you’ll need to figure out where your concentration

comes from. How? Check for both length and development, as the latter is more


2) Focal Point: 

For 10 minutes every morning before leaving for work or on your way to work, look at

any object. This can be done while on the toilet, in the vehicle, or on the bus.

This will be difficult for you, but whatever happens, don’t look away.

Keep it in your hands.


Then, as the minutes pass, you’ll find yourself seriously contemplating on events from the day

before or issues you’ll encounter

in the coming minutes.


You’ve just mastered the technique of meditation.

3) Deep Breathing:

You can do this while staring at the object from tip number two at first, but if you

want to go to true

concentration, you should do it separately.

Take a seat on the floor.

Place a cushion if the surface is hard.

Close your eyes for a moment.


Count how many times you’ve inhaled.

Start counting backwards from 100, but this time only count the exhales.

It will take some time to master this, but after you do, you may move on to more advanced mathematical

calculations like naming the months of the year backwards or alphabetically.

After that, create up your own exercises.

4) Movement: 

Concentrate on an animal such as a cat, dog, ant, or bird.

As if they were trapped in a vacuum, track their every move.

Examine every nook and cranny of their anatomy.

The idea is to learn how to diversify your concentration so that movement does not distract you from

your objective.

Bottom Line:

Practising 4-magic tips of concentration can teach you a lot, whether you’re interested in following a

spiritual path and using meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises to improve your focus, or you’re simply

looking to make some lifestyle and work environment changes to increase your productivity.

Remove all distractions from your environment, and attempt to clear your mind as well.

It may take some practice to learn how to get into the zone, but once you figure out what works for you,

it will become second nature and you will experience bursts of genius, creativity, and productivity that you

had previously been unable to access, as well as the ability to enjoy life to the fullest because you will be

able to focus on the things that matter to you and ignore those that don’t.


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