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The Personal Development Way: 3 Steps To Manifestation.

Do you believe that thoughts may transform into things? This is true for everybody who studies personal growth, but how many people are aware of the three factors that ensure you Manifest what you want?

One question may arise in your mind at this point.

Is the Law of Attraction truly effective?

The Law of Attraction was first taught to millions of people through the worldwide best-selling book of Rhonda Byrne and film The Secret.

Many individuals began to accept Nepolean Hills’ discoveries after that.

But, in terms of personal development, does this law of manifestation, or the law of attraction, or whatever name you want to call it, work?

Do you realise how strong your thoughts can be? Are you aware that these 50,000 thoughts every day are the single most potent influences on everything that occurs in your life, and that they are the reason you have attracted the people you know, the house you live in, and the automobile you drive?

In truth, the sum total of everyone’s thoughts is the driving force behind everything that exists, has existed, and will exist in the future.

In a nutshell, the answer is YES!

That is why, according to Albert Einstein, “Imagination is everything.”

It’s a sneak peek of what’s to come in life.

We can create by harnessing the power of intentional thought.

While thought alone has the ability to create both concrete (cars, houses, boats) and intangible 

(peace, harmony, and joy) things, it is frequently insufficient!

Intention, or directed thinking and believing, is sufficient to generate powerful enough thoughts to manifest 

anything we desire, but two additional ingredients must be included.

To begin, your emotions must support your thoughts.

The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the thought.

It’s critical to imbue yourself with the same emotions that you’ll experience when you reach your goal.

This is something you do all the time, only in the opposite direction.

When you consider what you are scared of may happen, you may become anxious, tense, and even begin to

exhibit bodily signs such as sweating, shaking, or simply getting the shivers.

Begin to think in the opposite direction.

Only consider what you do want and the sensations that go along with it.

What will it be like to meet and marry your perfect match?

What will it be like behind the wheel of that new Mercedes or in that new home’s kitchen?

The third and final important factor is action!

It is necessary to be ready to act in some way.

This is an important issue that many self-help experts overlook!

The action you must perform will not be tough or arduous; rather, it will be pleasurable and seem natural to you.

Each of us on this planet has a unique job to perform in the overall operation of the Universe.

We are all One, intertwined and dependant on one another.

Your desires will almost always manifest themselves through some type of activity and social interaction.

Your thoughts have the ability to drastically alter the course of your life.

When your thoughts are backed up with emotion, they become an unstoppable force that will propel you to your

 desired destination.

However, you must be willing to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals when they are provided to you.

For example, thinking and believing you will meet your soul mate will open up a plethora of opportunities for you

to meet him or her, but you will never meet him or her if you stay at home all day and never go outside!

You might notice that you’re being asked to go somewhere more frequently or that you’re being invited to a place 

you’ve never gone before.

You might even run into old pals or form new acquaintances by chance.

This is the Universe directing you toward your goals.

Accept the invitation.

Accept the invitation even if it is for something you don’t want to do or travel somewhere you don’t want to go.

Accept the invitation even if it is for something you don’t want to do or travel somewhere you don’t want to go.

Who knows who you’ll run into and where you’ll end up!

So keep in mind Ingredient 1: thoughts have power.

Ingredient 2 – powerful emotions and beliefs may affect the Universe and allow you to create ANYTHING you desire.

The final crucial component in realising your aspirations and living the life of your dreams is ingredient 3 – action.

Now it’s time to get out there and CREATE!

Can we ignore Jack Canfield‘s renowned phrase, a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and 

entrepreneur who co-authored the bestselling book series “The Chicken Soup for the Soul”?

“The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely,

you’re going to attract more of into your life.”


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