Personal growth will definitely ignite your hidden power

After a long thirty years, last Friday, I somehow reconnected with one of my school friends through Facebook!

For that, my heartfelt thanks to Facebook!!

What surprises me, this friend of my friends seemed to be of the same nature.

No changes at all. Her too much absorption towards doing everything perfectly still exists. Especially, her too much indulgence with home cleanliness! She wanted everything, every corner of her house to be .dot dirt free. 100% neat and clean! Perfect all the time.

I asked her, how you are managing!

She told the same old answer, If not, I will fall sick!

I was dumb folded. Her nature, behaviour, way of talking, taking things granted. Everything I found the same as thirty years ago.

How it could be.

Rather, I should ask myself?

How it should be.

With time, we have to change ourselves to adapt to this changing world.

Otherwise, today or tomorrow stress, anxiety and depression will sip into us!

I asked her, why not look at life from another angle?

Her reply did not surprise me. Because it’s the answer I often heard from any middle-aged Indian. How long more I will live. Let it be like the same way through which I am sailing.

There comes the word: personal growth or personal development.

Do you think or feel at any point in your life that you need personal development? More personal growth to ignite your hidden power?

I can not presume your answer but what I feel after analyzing my life and life of hundreds of others, It is the right time to give a serious thought of your life to look into from another dimension. From another angle.

It’s the right time to go for personal growth.

Why do you know?

As this COVID-19 pandemic crisis teaches to see life from another dimension, you must do a self-introspection for :

work-life balance,

giving time to yourself and your family,

taking time off,

spending some me-time for your personal growth,

your ability to prioritize and to manage time

As you know, today, we’re bombarded with information on the internet. Wherever you look, there’s some information that is being thrown at us. We are in the information overload phase.

In all of this, how do we separate the useful information from the unimportant one? How do we make sure we’re learning and growing because of what we’re reading, watching, or listening to?

Honestly, I believe this can only happen if you want to be motivated to learn and grow.

Motivation is the key! To get motivated, you can click here.

That means to give a serious thought on Personal grooming. Personal growth. Because It is the Personal growth will definitely ignite your hidden power.

Age factor?

Not at all.

At any age, you have to now think of it with this fast-changing world scenario.

When these personal matters are discussed, most of the people I come across, are not clear what s this all about this personal growth or self-development.

For this, you have to figure out what you really want to do and why do you want to do it.

That is the catch where you will find your motivation.

Give a serious thought on what Carnegie Institute of Technology  says 

“85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge.”

Let us know, What is personal growth?

It refers to various techniques for improving one’s habits, behavior, actions, and reactions.

To be specific,  personal growth is :

  • Learning to control anger
  • Learning to overcome procrastination
  • Learning to overcome laziness
  • Learning to be more polite and considerate
  • Becoming a more responsible person
  • Learning new things and developing new skills
  • Changing your mindset and becoming more positive

For personal growth or self-development, one most important factor is You need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

sometimes you need to do things that are uncomfortable, but later on, you will find those are for your own good.

An open mind and the desire to learn and grow are the other two important aspects to consider.

AS you may be knowing, Life for most people is a journey of self-discovery – finding out who we are, what we’re best at, and how we can make a difference in this world.

If you look into the life history of many successful people, you will find problems and difficulties are the triggers that awaken the desire to grow and lead to making changes in one’s life.

Take the life of Vera Wang.

Vera wang?

Wang  is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry today after having gotten her to start designing wedding dresses at age 40.

She is a great example of someone who didn’t find their true calling until a bit later in life. Vera started out as an athlete but failed to qualify for the 1968 Olympic figure-skating team.

When sports didn’t work out as she’d hoped, she worked at Vogue but never rose to the top.

Today, she is huge in the fashion realm with a business worth over one billion dollars.

She even successfully broke into the jewelry designing industry!

And what about Bethany Hamilton!!

Bethany Hamilton is an extremely talented professional surfer who won her division of the NSSA National Championship.

The kicker? She had a near-death experience at 13 years old when her left arm was bitten completely off by a shark.

For those in the sporting realm looking for some inspiration, look no further than this truly brave soul who was back on the surfboard only a month later.

“Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.”- Truly fit on Bethany Hamilton.

“Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”

Have you heard this famous quote from Marilyn Monroe, American actress, model, and singer who became famous for playing comedic “blonde bombshell” characters?

You all know about Marilyn  Monroe?

It may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect role model, but there’s no denying she was outrageously successful in her field.

She is responsible for one of the most iconic American photographs in the pop culture sphere.

The crazy part? She was advised early on by a modeling agency that it wasn’t going to happen for her, and that she may want to be a secretary instead.

She, of course, thought differently.

The point is, why we should wait for the saying of Walt Disney “a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” to take things seriously in life for self-development.

Why did Walt Disney say so you know?

Walt  Disney was fired from a newspaper job early in life because he “lacked imagination.”

After so many failed businesses also, because of  Disney’s upbeat attitude, he kept on moving in life.

Once his first movie Snow White premiered, of course, the rest became history.

Personal growth can help you in all areas of your life. It can help you at work. It can change your attitude toward work, and therefore, open new opportunities for advancement.

Personal growth can help in growing emotionally and mentally and becoming a more considerate, loving, and positive person.

It can also help you see your mistakes and negative habits, and lead you to correct and changing them.

There are many techniques for personal growth, such as creative visualization, repeating affirmations, developing a positive mindset, and meditation. Personal growth also involves counseling, coaching, and reading.

A very simple and useful method for personal growth is to look at your behavior and your life with an open and unbiased mind. This will show you what changes you need to make in yourself and in your life.

Self-development is the most underrated skill. In this competitive era, the more developed your intellect is, the better you are braced to face the adversities.  Knowing yourself inside out and working on your weaknesses is not a waste of time; in fact, it is an investment.

So, it is the right time to ask yourself, are you investing in self-development to ignite your hidden talent?

Once you know these ten advantages enjoyed by people who actively pursue personal development, I think, the day will not be far away when you will take it seriously that, yes, it,s time, I should also start investing in personal development.

  1. Healthier Relationships

Relationships — with your family, children, co-workers, lovers, and even that primary relationship with yourself – are the foundation of life. You can’t avoid them.

When your relationships are low-quality, your life is low quality. Conversely, when your relationships are healthy and vibrant, you will reap the benefits in profound ways.

Learning and building good relationship skills is an essential part of any personal development plan. People who consciously and deliberately build interpersonal skills experience greater satisfaction in relationships of all kinds.

  1. Less Stress

Given the killer that stress has turned out to be, and how quickly it negatively impacts our overall quality of life, anything that reduces stress would be worth pursuing, don’t you think?

By making personal development a habit, particularly with regards to stress-reduction techniques such as mindfulness practices, you will be better able to identify, manage, and even eliminate key sources of stress in your life.

  1. Improved Health

The link between stress and health is undeniable; more stress equals more disease. Happier and healthier relationships equal less stress, and the more equipped we are to manage and reduce stress, the better our overall health becomes.

The tools and teachings of personal development and self-improvement give us a better understanding of ourselves and of the world around us. The more you understand, the more equipped you become to handle whatever life throws at you.

People who have learned to manage the challenges and stressors of life have fewer lifestyle-related diseases and may enjoy a prolonged lifespan as a result.

  1. Increased Productivity

The number one enemy of productivity is procrastination. And procrastination is often driven by deeper emotions. People engaged in personal growth as a lifestyle make a habit of digging deeper into these issues, thereby increasing the likelihood of arriving at meaningful solutions.

The second-largest enemy of productivity is, you guessed it, stress.

Our increasingly hectic lives are often driven by the expectations of perfection and performance, and when stress enters the mix, our productivity drops. We spend so much of our time worrying and trying to multitask that our ability to focus and accomplish what we set out to do diminishes.

Self-development techniques improve your ability to focus and manage stress, help you get at hidden emotions and motivators, and allow productivity to sore.

  1. Enhanced Self-Control

Self-control, that ability to regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behavior in order to accomplish specific goals, is a cognitive ability that can be worked out and strengthened just as you would your muscles.

When setting and working towards goals for your life, it’s easy to become derailed by temptations, habits, and impulses, particularly those driven by subconscious beliefs and underlying emotions.

By making self-development a regular and important part of your life, you bring to light those underlying beliefs and feelings. You strengthen your self-control ‘muscles’, making it easier to build new habits and achieve short and long term goals.

  1. Greater Success

By success, we’re talking about the ability to reach those markers of achievement that each individual sets for him or herself, rather than the standard markers of ‘success’ as presented by media (i.e. wealth, popularity, fame or power). Though, ironically, if that’s what you truly want, you’re more likely to achieve it if self-development is a regular part of your lifestyle.

When we look back over the advantages as listed above, it’s easier to see why this is true; healthy and supportive relationships, reduced stress and the associated improvements in health increased productivity, and enhanced self-control all create the necessary environment for success to occur.

  1. Improved Peace of Mind

Aside from the peace of mind that generally follows as a result of such factors as lower stress levels, experiencing better overall health, and being successful, regular self-awareness and improvement practices can generate their own feelings of greater contentment and tranquility.

Mindfulness meditation and mind-body techniques such as yoga etc. when practiced regularly can improve focus and self-awareness, which in turn helps generate peace of mind.

Personal development practices also tend to increase your understanding of self and others, which contributes to a greater sense of peace and acceptance overall.

  1. Better Parenting

Because young children and babies learn by aping their parents and caregivers, it’s vital that parents first and foremost work on developing and improving themselves.

To be a better parent, one that can serve as a good first role model for babies and young children, you need to be willing to take a long, hard, honest look at yourself.

When you spend the time on personal development and self-awareness, you are less likely to unwittingly pass along negative patterns and behaviors to your children. You’re also far less likely to fall into common parenting pitfalls such as negative reinforcement, anger, bullying, enabling, micromanaging, and the like.

  1. Greater Resilience

According to the dictionary definition, resiliencies the capacity to recover quickly from life’s challenges, tragedies, and difficulties. It’s the psychological ability to emerge from this experience and return to a healthy mental and emotional state. It’s essentially a form of emotional flexibility.

Personal development allows you to confront and work through obstacles from the inside and out. Time spent developing your emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and coping strategies will have a direct and positive impact on your level of resilience.

Life will always throw us curve balls in the form of obstacles and challenges when we least expect them. Having resilience means being able to rebound quickly, returning to your natural balance, growing, and learning from the experiences instead of snapping or breaking.

  1. Greater Happiness

And we finally arrive at the grand finale of advantages — happiness.

If happiness truly is the journey rather than the destination, then spending the time in your daily life to develop yourself will make that journey a heck of a lot more pleasant.

Imagine a life in which you enjoy good health and better relationships; a life in which you feel in control of yourself and your ability to cope well with whatever challenges come your way; a life in which you feel generally confident in your ability to succeed in your endeavors.

By taking the time to work on your personal development, you are decreasing the negative impacts of stress and ill-health, and you are increasing your ability to handle your life and relationships which will definitely ignite your hidden talent.

Through self-improvement efforts, you learn to identify, heal, and transform underlying beliefs, traumas and self-sabotaging behaviors and habits.

All of which contributes to removing the layers of obstacles that smother our ability to experience real joy and happiness and it ignites hidden talent in us.

As Elbert Einstein said the focus should be on lifelong learning.

The moment learning stops, personal growth also stops.

You have to cultivate that eagerness and inquisitiveness to learn individual skills.

Someone has rightly said, be the change you want to see in others.

Though self-help books are the best for personal growth,, For your self-development, you can seriously think about these following skills to learn.

(1) Time Management

Do you know what is the core reason for your daily stress? The inability to use time productively. Time is one resource that God has distributed equally among every human being. Whether it is Bill Gates or your neighborhood shopkeeper, everyone has 24 hours at his disposal. How to utilize it certainly makes all the difference. Today, we are juggling multiple responsibilities, and if we are unable to do justice of even one of our roles, stress starts building. You need to stop this right now and take action to manage time effectively. Time Management is an art, and it starts with prioritizing the tasks, allocating time for each work, and recognizing when you at your productive best.

To learn time management, you can click here.

 (2) Communication Skills

You are just about to begin your career and all set to meet new people around you all the time. Even though the mode of communication today has pushed everyone behind keyboards and keypads, the way you express yourself is still relevant. Great communication skills include conveying the message articulately at the right time, in the right tone and to the right person. One significant factor that distinguishes an excellent communicator from a bad one is the level of confidence with which you put across your message.

To learn, click.

(3) Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills, also known as conflict resolution skills is critical to your professional success. At every stage in life, you have to face conflicting situations or problems wherein you have to make optimal use of scarce resources. To progress in life you must know how to solve these things more strategically. In the first step, you have to identify and acknowledge the problem, look at options, and conduct a What-If analysis to prepare you for all the consequences.Click here.

(4) Conquer Your Fears

If you think being fearless means the absence of fear, you can’t be more mistaken. It is only human to have worries, but it takes extraordinary powers to face your fear and rise above it. The correct definition of being fearless is to conquer your fears and not avoid it. There are some fears which arise out of internal conflict, while specific fears are external. There may be certain qualities that you lack, and you fear a situation wherein you may have to apply those qualities or skills.  On the other hand, you may have all the attributes, but the external situation is beyond your control. In this case, you may fear that your qualities are of no use. In each of these cases, you have to rise above your fears, take charge of the situation and do best that you can to salvage it. There is no scope for self-doubt here.

 To learn, click here 

(5) Be All Ears!

The art of listening is something that can lead you to so many possibilities and avenues. Someone said, when you only talk, you are only repeating what you know. But when you listen to others, you are imbibing another person’s point of view and broadening your knowledge. Good listening doesn’t just mean hearing the message, but also understanding the message and the body language as well as responding positively.

Listening is a critical link in the art of communication, and if you do not listen carefully, you may misunderstand the message and the conveyor can get frustrated. Greater customer satisfaction, enhanced productivity, better team coordination, and improved knowledge-sharing are all the results of good listening.

In personal life, the art of listening can do wonders for your relationships. Loving ties are fostered when everyone in a relationship is well-heard and understood. To learn, click here

(6) Beat Procrastination

50% of the time, we fail to achieve even the most straightforward task because of our habit of overthinking and overanalyzing. While thinking and analyzing is essential, too much of it cripples our senses. To beat the habit of procrastination, you must first understand why you have got into this habit in the first place. Is it because you are intimidated by the task? Confused about the procedure? Don’t know how to begin or plain laziness? The moment you identify the reason, you first need to work on overcoming it. The next step is to set a deadline by which you need to finish the task. When deadlines are stringent, you will naturally cut down on procrastination time and start doing the job.

Really want to learn, click here.

(7) Adaptability Quotient

Life doesn’t always happen as planned, and it is best to prepare yourself for the worst instead of being devastated and clueless at a later stage. The famous mantra of “Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst” works best for increasing your adaptability quotient. If you are flexible enough, you should be able to adjust to any of the situations without losing your mind. Whether it is a new technology, a new boss, a different team, or a completely alien work profile, you should be able to fit into any mold that life casts. The three necessary steps to be adaptable to life’s circumstances are:

(1) Accept the change

(2) Perform a benefits and drawbacks analysis

(3) Decide on actionable steps to reap the benefits such as learning new skills

(4) Decide on measures to minimize the drawbacks.

To learn, click here.

A professional certification can only make you stand out from the crowd, but to rise above the crowd, you have to invest in yourself continuously.

One of the other best ways to achieve personal growth is to read more and more self-help books. You can read these best self-help book clicking here.

Remember, not everyone is born with these skills and attributes. However, you can slowly develop these skills by being more mindful, listening to your inner voice, and learning through external sources such as motivational books, podcasts, videos, etc. and of course, seriously thinking to take mentorship.

And, then, this personal growth will open door to ignite your hidden talent.


A self-help book can change your here.

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    One perspective which has helped me hugely is looking at everything as a source of LESSONS especially office work.

    1. Yes. If you do is affirmation that ” Every day is an opportunity to bring a better version of myself” then, whole story will slowly change on our favour to take charge of our life. Lets do it sincerely!

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