Career counselling for students

Why career counselling should be mandatory for every students for over all growth?

Everything was OK for our eighth-grade daughter until the corona virus struck.

However, the unexpected emergence of the pandemic has caused a lot of confusion, not only in our daughter’s head, but I believe in the minds of other pupils in her age group.

Our grown-up daughter’s schooling was eventually disrupted severely.

You’re all aware of the following step.

Online classes are available!

Traditional offline classes have been replaced with a fast-paced digital learning environment.
A large communication gap has developed between students and teachers.


Bewilderment follows confusion, and the youthful mind wonders, “What will I study in higher secondary?”
According to reports, the vast majority of kids are/will be leaving school without the necessary abilities.
The virtual learning platform has evolved tremendously and has altered the educational landscape.

Students, particularly those in lower grades, are finding it difficult to commit their time in online classrooms as a result of the major consequences.

When I asked our daughter what she wanted to study in higher school, she said she wanted to be a doctor because her cousin sister is a doctor and her mother also wants her to be a doctor.

That’s excellent.

However, after a few days, she stated that she want to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon.
She is now claiming that she will pursue a career in criminal psychology.

Changes occur frequently.

career counselling for students

You may be aware that all of these regular mental shifts are the result of influences from peers, professors, social media, YouTube, and, more recently, the consequences of exposure to movies and web series available on OTT platforms.

So, how are your son and daughter doing?

What should we do if we become ill?
We’re going to the doctor.
What should we do if we are having difficulties in our careers?
We should seek career guidance.

According to a research, 98 percent of Indians still make arbitrary job decisions rather than informed career judgments.

Don’t you think there’s still a lot of work to be done in India to “eradicate career indecisiveness”?

I’m sure you’ll pay attention to it because you’re responsible parents.

If you go little more into our daughter’s career, and perhaps thousands of others’, you’ll discover why  career counseling should be made mandatory in schools for your children’s overall development.
After all, who wouldn’t want their children to be in top form as all-around performers?

• Less emphasis on career in the race for grades:

Good grades have recently taken precedence over the importance of becoming industry-ready, despite the fact that it is the eventual fate of nearly a third of the population.

• Lack of professional orientation in schools:

The idea of exposing students to glimpses of the professional world has not occurred to most schools.
As a result, a youngster will begin the process of grooming himself and will not hesitate to enter the corporate world.

• A lack of awareness of changing job fields:

We’ve come a long way from the days when doctors, engineers, and MBAs were the only alternatives.
With the passage of time, a plethora of possibilities have emerged.
Parents, pupils, and teachers, on the other hand, are often unaware of recent developments.

• Parents’ lack of awareness:

Most parents are unaware of the different employment alternatives available.
They require some guarantee before allowing their child to engage in something so novel as compared to the traditional high-paying options.

• Lack of sports encouragement:

Many young people participate in sports.
Failure to recognize athletically gifted children often results in their future being jeopardized.

• Best in school but unsuited for the industry:

When top students enter the world of exposure, they often feel out of place.
They enter a domain that is outside their usual working environment.
They are frequently lacking in professional abilities.
As a result, they are having difficulty adjusting to the new setting and drawing.

• Following the herd due to peer pressure:

Students in the 10th and 12th grades are frequently perplexed about which streams are appropriate for them. And there’s a good chance you’ll want to change careers after a while.
In the end, the selected course leads to discontent, which leads to job satisfaction compromise in later years.

• There is a lack of clarity on the concept of career counseling in schools:
Not only schools, but nearly half of the population believes that career counseling is the same as admission counseling.
As a result, parents and schools tend to avoid getting involved in such arrangements, mistaking one for the other.

• Career counseling is not included in the curriculum:

Schools strictly follow the curriculum.
The curriculum is strictly followed in schools.
Because there isn’t a portion dedicated solely to career principles, the school overlooks its significance.

• Waste of time and money:

A lot of time and money is spent to assure a solid career foundation based on ill-informed career choices, only to be disappointed by the terrible conclusion of a student not being able to continue.

• Psychometric exam with incorrect interpretation:

Students limit themselves to taking psychometric tests that reflect their skills and flaws.
They miss the importance of report interpretation, which would greatly increase the report’s credibility and productivity.

psychometric test

• A scarcity of qualified school counselors:

Due to the scarcity of school and career advisers, the work of raising awareness about career changes in society as a whole becomes tough.
Because there is a scarcity of career and school counselors, reaching out to a large segment of the community becomes a challenging task.

So, what’s the answer?

Here’s how to connect with a professional in the most effective way possible.
That’s all thanks to Edumilestones!
Yes, India’s largest career counselling platform offers you the opportunity to meet or book sessions with competent professionals from throughout the country.

Edumilstones also enables you to take a career assessment test and better assess your main talents.
It is a sophisticated and precise career psychometric test that will assist students in making appropriate career options based on their preferences and interests!

Edumilestones has over 2200 counsellors registered across 100 locations around the country.
Gone are the days when getting in contact with an expert and scheduling a career counseling session was a hassle.

1st step: You may visit :

edumilestone career counselling

Or, Alternatively, you may visit Edumilestones website by clicking here and select your counselor by selecting your area/location and follow drop down menu .

Step 2: When the main page loads, select Start Career Assessment for Students and follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 3: Alternatively, you can select Psychometric career evaluation based on your qualifications and follow the steps outlined in the drop-down menu.
After you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll receive a full 30+ page report that will help you make an informed decision about your next course of study.

Bottom Line:

With the rapid advancement of technology, a plethora of new-age professional pathways are emerging.
Career counseling lays out a clear path for determining which career to pursue and how to succeed in it.
Career development has become increasingly important for exploring career interests and opportunities, given the vast number of professional options available today.
Students must  receive career counseling in school life itself  so that they are better prepared for life after school and equipped to tackle the changes and challenges that come with the workplace.That will definitely make your child a superstar!


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