Turning point, woman rehabilitation centre in Guwahati

 Why Guwahatians Need a Women’s Rehabilitation Centre: Addressing Critical Needs and Empowering Communities

An addiction to alcohol is called alcoholism. The worldwide epidemic of alcoholism affects both adults and adolescents worldwide. Worldwide, the epidemic of alcoholism and the growth in alcohol consumption have turned into a human disaster. The younger generation in India is currently facing a serious social issue with alcoholism leading to addiction or dependence, and Guwahati City is not an exception.

In the northeastern region of India, Guwahati is one of the cities that is expanding the fastest. Unchecked, the rising prevalence of alcoholism is also posing a significant threat to the city’s slow but steady expansion and the urban environment it surrounds. Social problems have resulted from it, primarily affecting the younger generation.

With the rise in alcohol consumption in the city over time, the sales of alcoholic beverages have grown uncontrollable. Alcohol drinking, which is typically frowned upon in society, is progressively becoming accepted as a habit and even achieving a position of status and prestige due to shifting moral and ethical standards driven by the powerful forces of globalisation and economic liberalisation. The city’s rapidly expanding alcohol stores reflect both the city’s growing alcohol consumer base and its rising demand for alcohol. The state apparatus’s need to generate income and the vendors’ financial prospects are mostly linked to the startling rate of expansion of alcohol shops.

In Guwahati City, alcoholism has grown to be a serious concern. Alcohol abusers eventually experience physical, social, economic, emotional, and spiritual suffering as a result of their search for quick fixes for their anxieties, family issues, unemployment, and loneliness. A campaign that is upbeat and affirming of life is necessary for the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of such issues.
In the metropolis, the proportion of female alcoholics is likewise rising quickly. In various events and situations, alcoholism severely disrupts social ideals and norms. Even if the Assamese government periodically modifies and regulates the laws, revenue generation is always given precedence. As a result, many of the city’s alcohol establishments have broken the standards and guidelines set forth by the relevant government apparatus.

The vivid streets of Guwahati, the bustling capital city of drug-affected Assam, are home to a diverse tapestry of cultures, customs, and tales. However, in the middle of all of this kinetic energy, a women’s rehabilitation facility is desperately needed. It is not only desirable but also necessary to develop such a centre in a culture where women confront a multitude of issues, from substance abuse to domestic abuse.
Many people frequently ask themselves how to support a loved one who is abusing drugs or alcohol but won’t ask for help. Despite the difficulties, it is feasible to help them get the help they need by connecting them with the best rehabilitation facilities in India. Persuading the person to seek professional help is a challenging task that requires skilled communication.

It’s crucial to remember that even though the procedure could be difficult, the person in need might eventually experience a favourable and transformative result.
It is crucial to first grasp the nature of addiction in order to have a good understanding of the discussion around addiction therapy. Addicts have been stigmatised as criminals for far too long, yet this is a callous and unproductive attitude on all fronts. Addicts need medical attention at a good recovery facility, just like people with any other chronic illness. Rehabilitation facilities are essential for aiding people in their recovery from behavioural disorders, addictions, and mental health problems. A solid basis for sustained rehabilitation is established by combining evidence-based treatments, support networks, and a holistic approach.

This article examines the vital reasons why Guwahatians require a women’s rehabilitation facility as well as the ways in which it might strengthen local communities.
Taking Gender-Based Violence Seriously: In Guwahati and throughout Assam, gender-based violence is still a major problem. Sexual assault, domestic abuse, and human trafficking frequently target women. For survivors, a women’s rehabilitation centre would be a safe sanctuary that offers vital support services like counselling, legal aid, and medical treatment. Through providing a nurturing atmosphere, the centre can assist victims in reconstructing their lives and ending abusive cycles.
Taking on substance misuse: Another big issue that Guwahati women must deal with is substance misuse. Addiction to drugs or alcohol, or other forms of dependency, is a common problem for women who suffer from substance misuse.

Detoxification treatments, customised treatment plans, and rehabilitation assistance can all be provided by a rehabilitation facility. The centre can assist women in regaining control over their lives and overcoming substance misuse by treating the underlying causes of addiction and offering holistic therapy.
Offering Assistance for Mental Health: Although many communities still view mental health as taboo, its importance to women’s wellbeing cannot be overstated. PTSD, despair, and anxiety are just a few of the mental health issues that many women in Guwahati face. Peer support groups, therapy, and psychiatric treatment are just a few of the extensive mental health services that a women’s rehabilitation centre can provide. Through de-stigmatizing mental health issues and offering easily accessible treatment alternatives, the centre can foster emotional fortitude and recovery.

Encouraging Economic Freedom:

The foundation of women’s empowerment is their economic freedom. Nonetheless, a lot of women in Guwahati have trouble getting access to financial, professional, and educational opportunities. To help women become more economically independent, a women’s rehabilitation centre may provide microfinance projects, job placement support, and vocational training programmes. The centre can help women escape poverty and dependence by providing them with the tools and resources they need, promoting long-term sustainability for both themselves and their families.
Assisting Survivors of Human Trafficking:

Women and girls are especially susceptible to exploitation and trafficking, and human trafficking is a serious issue in Assam. A women’s rehabilitation facility can be extremely helpful in assisting victims of human trafficking by offering them reintegration assistance, trauma-informed treatment, and legal advocacy.

The centre can assist survivors in reconstructing their lives and avert additional victimisation by providing a route to empowerment and rehabilitation.
Encouraging Social Justice and Gender Equality:

Fundamentally, the goal of establishing a women’s rehabilitation centre in Guwahati is to advance social justice and gender equality. It conveys a strong message that discrimination and violence against women are unacceptable. The centre can spur larger societal changes by challenging harmful practices and promoting a culture of respect and equality for everyone by offering a space for advocacy, healing, and empowerment.
Taking everything into consideration, two intelligent, highly educated young people from the Dakhin Gaon area created a rehabilitation clinic called Turning Point.

Turning point, woman rehab centre in Dakhin Gaon, Guwahati

The turning point deserves genuine recognition because it has four large rooms with all the amenities, including a central CC TV camera and one meditation room.

In summary, there is no denying Guwahati’s need for a women’s rehabilitation facility. For women in need, such a centre can be a ray of hope, offering assistance with anything from gender-based violence to substance misuse treatment and economic development. By giving women’s rights and well-being first priority, we can build a more just and inclusive society where everyone has the chance to prosper. To make sure that no woman is left behind, it is time for Guwahatians to unite and support the creation of a women’s rehabilitation centre.

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