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How Book to a Fortune could make you an Incredible Author?

Have you ever thought to become an Incredible Author?


I think, there are many among us who wants to become an Author and they really mean it.

But it somehow never materialises.


Do you think it’s only because of procrastination?


But back in your mind, it’s your fear, your doubt.

And, of course, it’s not knowing about step by step procedure.

All these could come to reality once you are a part of Arfeen Khan,s Book to fortune group.

You will never ever  realise that within six week’s journey, you will become an Author.

Yes. It becomes a reality for all those Incredible authors who shown up in the mega event on the last 4th. July 2021, organised by Arfeen Khan,s team!

4th. July,21 mega event

Be a  part of that mega virtual event, I could realise, yes, its possible to become an incredible author within six weeks,s time.

When you go through the journey,s of these Incredible authors, you will come to know. Yes, this Book to a fortune could bring in you an incredible author.

This mega event, anchored by Irfan Noorani. Irfan A Noorani is India’s first cruise ship officer turned clarity coach. He has travelled around the world to more than 50 countries and has worked with 45 different nationals. He has impacted over 80000 people through his publishing/speaking/coaching work.

Author Irfan NooraniAnchor Irfan Noorani

Irfan Noorani, popularly known as clarity Man in the Arfeen Khan team, was in his best state to anchor the mega event and beautifully explained how this Book to a fortune event could make you also an incredible author. Noorani already authors of five books host the show that ran almost 2 hours on that Saturday evening on the 4th. July 2021.

By the way, what is Book?

Its book! B O O K. Big Ocean of Knowledge.

While book reading  is the best way for self personal growth, what about being an Author?

In addition to building your own credibility, you can contribute in a big way for betterment of this world.

All his or her ideas bring to you in the shape of a book. You can convert your book to an Audio book also and earn huge revenue.

In this mega event, the creator Arfeen Khan himself talked about what book author can bring changes in this society and how you could be a part of that incredible author once you follow step by step procedure as per his well-established method.

The interesting part of the program is, you can directly join in Book to a Fortune program or If you are really interested to become an Incredible life coach or performance coach, you can enrol on the coach to a fortune program wherein you will get this book to a fortune as a bonus!

Let’s read what the man Arfeen Khan himself says how you could also be the next Author!

Arfeen Khan

Arfeen Khan is a world-renowned Peak Performance Strategist, Speaker and Consultant. Arfeen Khan has helped create personal and professional transformation for the last 25 years in more than 49 countries and so far impacted the lives of six lakh people.

If you really want to be an author within the shortest span of time, you can join by clicking here.

Now, let’s read what talented bunch of authors say about their book and of course their journey how they become  incredible authors within record short span of time.



The book is a suggestive read on how to lead a stress-free life. Embarking on the journey, it takes the readers true possible issues in their lives where they may feel stuck and suggest possible ways to overcome them easily. The book also crafts a 21-day guide that one can follow to have a peaceful mind.


To connect with the author:Author Priyanka Malhotra

To download the e-book for free(offer valid till July 6th), click on the following link:

For users:

For users:



Author Alam MirThe Rise of Healthy Person

When one is on the verge of fed up to use further medication, a time comes in everyone’s life to look into alternative ways to get cured or healed from different health issues. What are those alternative ways to get cured or healed? This book tells all about alternative ways to be healthy and keep fit with personal stories of getting health breakthroughs by using alternative ways.

It also narrates stories of a well-renowned doctor’s secret how to keep fit and stays young at any age as well as the personal story of the Author how he healed himself miraculously from an umbilical hernia without further surgery.

Link on Amazon:

You can contact author : 9435192454,8210440189,

*** From Confusion to conviction

Book confusion to conviction


Author Siva

The book empowers readers to look at life from a different perspective than what we usually perceive. Considering the invisible factors that we tend to ignore while we make choices and suffer the consequences of wrong decisions.

The purpose of the book is to empower readers to make choices based on actual reality than perceived.

Use the link to Free download

Contact: +91 9916136294

Email: ;

visit shivayogappasb




Click the link below

6 WAYS TO PARADISE, POSITIVITY AND POWER: It’s all Within!: Aggarwal, Ms. Sonia: 9798523883989: Books

6 WAYS TO PARADISE, POSITIVITY AND POWER: It’s all within!!: Sonia Aggarwal: Books

 A Trainer, Author, Relationship & Awareness Coach, Wife to a loving Husband and a proud Mother.

6 WAYS TO PARADISE, POSITIVITY AND POWER: It’s all Within!: Aggarwal, Ms. Sonia: 9798523883989: Books

6 WAYS TO PARADISE, POSITIVITY AND POWER: It’s all within!!: Sonia Aggarwal: Books


This book explains the techniques and practical ways to be positive, optimistic, and hopeful in any adverse situation and how to find the silver lining. The nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our life whether it is sad, happy, and contented. Our actions are the practical manifestations of our thoughts. Remember, NO MATTER HOW THIN YOU SLICE, IT ALWAYS HAS TWO SIDES.

Contact: +91 97174 81817               Email:

*** 7 sweet maneuvers

Book 7 sweet maneuvers

NAWAZ MARKER from Mumbai, is a Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Networker for 26years, Author of 2 books with the third on its way, and a licensed certified NLP Practitioner.

Her mission is to reach out to people and help them transform their mindset and empower their lives.

Contact: +91 9821070381

This book comprises 7 true real-life stories of my relationship with my mother-in-law over 35years.

There was a secret deal that ensured happiness in my relationship with my mother-in-law AND my mother-in-law’s mother-in-law who also lived in the same house.

This book will give you insights into sweet manoeuvres that a daughter-in-law could navigate through different situations without ruffling any feathers and live the happy life she deserves.







To book an Appointment:

*** How to help students

Book parents guide to children's careerAuthor saudamini

 Author :Saudamini Singh Panwar



Parent’s Guide for Children’s Career:

How to Help Students in their Passion

This book is for Parents who have adolescent and teen age children and who are looking for clarity and awareness about how to find right career path for their children.
There are real life stories, incidences and examples. This will develop a perspective and will bring consciousness in parents about importance of parenting from point of view of children’s career.
The mission is that our children find contentment in what they do later as their profession from the perspective of career choice they make.
Ultimately we all want our children to be living a happy life, so let’s all parents decide today to be involved, conscious and excited about guiding our children the right way and on the right and exciting career path.
The Book is written in very simple words as the vision is large!!

Link on amazon:

***Mastermind the circle of Influence

Master mind the circle of influenceAuthor Sayeed


Discover the unlimited YOU!

Book title: MASTERMIND the circle of influence, Why it’s vital                       


About the book:

Every individual has the potential to be exceptional; however only a few emerge as successful. Then it is imperative to identify what prevents a person from being extraordinary. This book deals with some of the significant causes that have deprived many of their rightful success. In a two part series the books offer clarity and the lucid way forward.




About the Author:

Sayeed has dealt with innumerous nationalities during his three decades of international experience. As a seasoned professional, an author, and a certified coach he is proud and passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

This book is one of the means by which he aspires to reach out and guide people to overcome their life challenges through mind-sift and transformation, from mediocrity to prosperity.





***Where the outer world speaks…..

Outer world speaks of the inner worldAuthor Akansha Kabra

Akanksha Kabra

Author, Transformational and Motivational Coach

Blogger, Motivatonal Speaker

Email Id:

Facebook: Akanksha InaniKabra

Linkedln: Akanksha InaniKabra

Instagram: lifecoach_akankshainanikabra

Youtube Channel:

Where the outer world speaks of the inner world

Let see the world from different perspectives

This book takes you on the journey of the inner world by looking at the outer world. This book takes the journey of a lady who got stuck in her life due to which her relationship with her husband was getting worsen. The way both understand each other and helped to make the relationship wonderful. The way husband address’s the wife’s issues, problem and her stress and help her to come out through beautiful stories. Ultimately, the wife shares her learning with beautiful stories.

The way you can empower yourself, unstuck and unleash yourself by learning from beautiful stories.

Link on Amazon

*** My Life my…..

My life my responsibilitiesAuthor Sunita Menon

SUNITA MENON teaches, coaches, speaks & lives with the conviction that happiness is achievable if we desire the same and are motivated to work towards the same.

Today she focuses on sharing these experiences through her work as an Arfeen Khan certified Life coach, as an author and as an empowerment speaker.

A Master’s Degree holder in Commerce, she is a homemaker, a mother of two teenagers & she presently lives in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The Book MY LIFE MY RESPONSIBILITY is my humble attempt to motivate housewives towards self-development and growth.  Homemakers have beautiful visions & aspirations for their kids, life partners and family members but none for themselves.

Why are they not developing themselves for improving their self-esteem and also to face any hurdles that life might throw in their path?

Believe me, I believe in the institution of marriage and sacrificing for the betterment of the family.

My point is that along with a yearning for a better future for our spouse and kids, homemakers should also pursue their dreams.


Mobile: +966 508468658 Email:

Facebook Page:

****Bring out the winner…..

Authoir Raja Lingambring the winner in you

Kamal Raja Lingam. P

Transformational coach

You can connect with the Author @


This book will help you in bringing out a Winner in you and help you transform your life. You can get control of your life by changing the way you think. This book is written to show you how to get ahead in life and is for the people who want to be successful but find themselves stuck in life and want to overcome it. The book is for people who fear challenges and those who are afraid of taking action due to a negative mindset or being in a comfort zone. It takes you through a series of steps of how to be a winner by overcoming your failures and by identifying one’s purpose in life. Being a winner is possible if you conquer your fears and take risks in life. This book contains stories of real-time people from all walks of life who have inspired me. It dwells on their stories. This book is going to help you understand what affects your mindset and your actions.


Pls click on the Amazon link to download the Book Free within 24 hrs:

*** Rise like the phoenix….

**Author Isha RoyRise like the phoenix

Author :Isha Roy


Contact no.: (+91) 9443133815

Rise Like ThePhoenix:Calling All Retirees

Is a clarion call to all retirees to not give in to a jaded life of boredom, laziness and frustration. Instead like the bird phoenix that rises from ashes they too must rise and start a new life. A life that is filled with enthusiasm and excitement in involving themselves in a new life, fulfilling their unfulfilled dreams they may have had because life happened to them. Options are many. So not to give up and sink into the mundane way of living.

 Link on amazon:

***The Surmount Journey….

**Author Mahaveer BhatSurmount Journey





The Surmount Journey

Journey of a person who is dependent on something and can’t get the way in life. Dependency has put him in underestimating zone. It feels like he has failed in life. To overcome the difficulties in life and bloom in life with the ways and learning. when you proceed with this journey, thus its


 Amazon link

THE SURMOUNT JOURNEY eBook: Bhat, Maahaveer: Kindle Store

THE SURMOUNT JOURNEY – Kindle edition by Bhat, Maahaveer. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

Instagram: Transform Your Life (@bhatmaahaveer6) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook: Transform Your Life | Facebook

*** Wondering woman….

***Author Sirat Uzrawondering woman to a wonder woman



Facebook :

Email Id

This book is a journey of how I transformed from being a Wondering Woman to a Wonder Woman. It is addressed to all the wonderful women around the world, who wake up every morning and find themselves running nonstop on the hamster wheel of life to meet the duties that have been laid on them, attending, serving and pleasing the people in their lives and have lost their sense of self and direction.

This is an attempt to make them pause, step back and realise, it’s their Mega Movie, they are the Super Hero and the spot light should be focused on them.

Book link :

*** Finding the lost me…

**Author Deepika agarwalFinding the lost me


Title-Finding the lost me

When a woman decides to take charge of her life

I write this book to motivate and inspire women to take charge of their lives. In addition, the book will give an insight into the lives of women who are devoid of self-love and confidence. The book provides us with an understanding ofhow we can become the best version of ourselves. It helps us know our true potential. So don’t be the person who had big dreams but got lost somewhere in the middle, indeed be the one who is ready to take charge of their life and focus on their goal.

Kindle edition:

Paperback in India:

***Top 3 secrets for ……

Author Dr. Krishnamurthy

Dr Krishnamurthy Iyer’s


Links to the Books

Amazon India: US:

Dr. Krishnamurthy Iyer can be reached at

Whatsapp No: +91 9892536952


Facebook Page

Instagram Profile

***The Possibility Mindset

The possibility mindset

About the author:

Enya Epelle is a Personal Development/Mental Awareness Coach from Nigeria. She has a passion for mental transformation which she believes is the foundation for a premium quality life.

You can reach the author on:




Her book: The Possibility Mindset: How Thoughts Powerfully Affect Our Lives was birthed because of the loss of her sister, whom she believed died from a lack of knowledge of certain pivotal issues that may have prolonged her life. She believes people can learn how attached thought quality and life outcomes are so they can make the necessary changes required to lead a thriving life.


*** A lost woman found herself……

vandana dubeylost woman by vandana


About Author: I love to help people become better in their lives so I turned my passion into a profession. I have 10+ years of experience in the IT industry before moving to coach.

About the book:





Two years after delivery, MOTHER feels lost, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Over time, enjoyment of her motherhood journey starts fading away. She tends to lose herself

The question is how gracefully you face your challenges in your journey; it is all about it!

I will share my experiences and stories that would give you perspective to make your journey smoother. I have tried my best to put everything that could make a mother’s journey better; this would lead her to cherish her motherhood at the best level.






*** Life style changes the easy way….

***Author AnusyuaLife style changes the easy way

 Her BOOKFREEuntil July 6 July.Lifestyle Changes the Easy Way: For Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit – With Simple, Impactful and Actionable Steps of Your Choice.

Being Healthy and Happy is not a goal. It is the journey of a step-by-step Lifestyle change; The book aims to make Lifestyle change easy, simple, and actionable for you. The reader has a choice of numerous actionable steps to choose from, which resonate with them. As these actionable steps are based on the foundational pillars of Health and Happiness, even a few steps actioned will have a huge positive impact on the readers life. Just 10% changes in our day-to-day activities, that seem simple and small, have huge impact and can bring us 90% of our health and happiness. The author hopes to share her learnings and experience and bring it all into one place for you so that you can glide through the journey easily and with some fun.

AnsuyaKhoosalworks with individuals and teams to create a fulfilling life. Her passion is to connect with her. clients and guide and accompany them in their journey to achieve lasting fulfilment with total dedication. She applies her 15 years of training, experience, and knowledge in the areas of self-development. She can provide a holistic approach when coaching her clients as she is a certified practicing teacher in Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation and a practitioner of ancient healing therapies such as Marma and Rakkenho (Practicing Rakkenho promotes circulation, relaxation, health, and wellbeing). Furthermore, her training includes Integrative nutrition and lifestyle coaching, CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy), and NLP (modifying unconscious biases or limitations of an individual’s map of the world).She is a volunteer for an NPO organization, The Art of Living, assisting with self-development workshops. She values Love, Authenticity, Truth, Spirituality, Caring, Sharing, Support, Community, Freedom, Mother Earth, Environment, Compassion, Enthusiasm, and Inspiration.

Link to the book:

*** The Woman: The world,s famous juggler…..

***shruthi kanakpuriaWoman-The worls,s famous juggler


About Author: Shruthi Kanakpura Ramachandra (MSc in Intelligent Systems and Robotics), an Algorithm Development Engineer turned Educator turned Holistic Life-Hack Coach turned Author, is on a mission to transform 10000 lives to aspire, arise and achieve their dreams and ambitions. Having travelled around the world seeing different people, different cultures, she now believes that going inward is the only way out and preaches holistic life as the way ahead.

TITLE: Woman :The World’s Famous Juggler (Professional+Homemaker)
SUBTITLE:A simple guide to get back the lost YOU, stay HAPPY and achieve YOUR-DREAMS
Get the book here :
Amazon :



Every woman out there in today’s busy hustling world has been managing home and work owing to losing herself. She juggles so many things – kids, husband, family, friends, kitchen work, cleaning, laundry, school-work, monthly expenses, finances, outing, and on and on, the list never ends. Amidst all this, she has lost her dreams, wishes, desires and ambitions.
This book is a wake-up call to every woman out there to rise, start working towards identifying where she is currently, what she wants from her life for “herself”, where she wants to be eventually. This book is a nudge for each one of you to start seeing life from a different perspective whereby you become a happier self, living life holistically and to the fullest, chasing and achieving your dreams.
I share simple yet powerful methods that one can incorporate in daily life. You will practically be able to implement small steps and witness the shifts for a better life, thereby working towards fulfilling all those buried dreams inside a bustling woman’s heart.
I urge all of you to sit back, pause and think for a moment. If you don’t change what you do today then your next 5-10 years will essentially be very similar to your past 5-10 years. Stand-up, dust-off, commit to yourself and make those changes required to live the life you have dreamt off.


Website :

Facebook :

Instagram :


*** Unleash the treasure in you…..

***Author Nidhi Gandhi


Worked in three multinational advertising agencies for eight years, creative consultant in advertising, yoga instructor, mindset coach, and now an author.

My vision is to empower people to achieve worthwhile purposes and how-to live-in alignment with their deepest values.My mission is to be an example of integrity, moral rectitude, and balanced living for 10000+ individuals by 2025 to emulate.





Your definitions of success are often heavily influenced by family, friends, and colleagues.

Yet many ultimately find that, despite your efforts and accomplishments, you lack a true sense of professional satisfaction and fulfilment. So, are you a person who had big dreams, but got lost somewhere in the middle?

If you feel stuck, unmotivated, and uninspired; if you were to explore your treasure and embark on your journey to living your dream life,

This book will help you reconnect with your dreams and jumpstart your personal transformation.


*** Instant connection….

**Anant sabane Instant connection

About the author:

Anant Sabane is a Personal Excellence Development Coach from India. He is passionate about helping people transforming their lives using very simple techniques. He has been working in this field since last about two decades.

You can reach the author on by writing him to

His book: Based on the groundbreaking Interpersonal Dynamics, this book will help you create more rewarding interactions with your coworkers, friends, lovers, and family.

The ability to form strong relationships with others is essential for living a full life and becoming more effective at work. However, many of us struggle to make solid personal and professional connections or are unable to handle the challenges that inevitably arise as we become closer to others. It can appear magical when we find ourselves in an exceptional relationship—the kind of relationship in which we feel fully understood and supported for who we are. However, the process of establishing and maintaining these relationships can be described, learned, and applied. Any relationship founded on mutual understanding and trust thrives and provides fulfilment in connecting with others, which is the essence of rapport building.

AMAZON: (in the US), (in India)


(in the US),

*** The Lion Boy…

Neeta Hotkar

The Lion Boy

Hi I am Neeta Hotkar, It gives me immemse pleasure to announce that my book ” The Lion Boy” talks about real life  inspiration to get up and fight back to rise despite your adversities! For those who choose to soar high in the sky like an Eagle.

I have written and published my first book The Lion Boy.

It is an journey of a mother and a son, which speaks about the ups and downs and the agony of a small kid and the challenges that came across and how they overcame these and emerged as winners .

*** Mind Reality Secrets….

Author Michael DanielMind Reality

Michael Daniel – Author of Mind Reality Secrets.

Mind Reality Secrets is going to take you on a riveting journey of a child that started in a very dark place only to find the light and rediscover himself. It’s a journey that many will relate to and understand, whether you resonate with the boy in his childhood journey or understand as a parent thinking of your child. It is a journey that shows that there is hope for us all. It’s a story of where pain meets salvation and where negativity can do nothing more than fuel us up to change our circumstances, design our dream life and live it in a way we didn’t know was possible. Sometimes it can take us being pushed to the edge before we can find the courage to change. It is how it was for the boy in this story. That boy was me. The story will inspire you. If you are looking to change something that no longer serves you, if you are stuck in a particular area of your life, or have an unfulfilled dream that you are yet to accomplish, this book can help you do that.

Instagram – Mikeydaniel_lifecoach


*** Be Rich, Now…

***Be Rich Now by Dr. Surinder

About  Author

Dr. Surinder  Singh is  Mind  Set  Guru, Life  Coach  and  motivational  speaker  who  by  profession  is  a  Medical  doctor  practising  Sonologist  and  Aesthetic  Physician  and  has  been  also  counselling  and  transforming  lives  of  the  people  by  changing  their  mind  set  in  day  to  day  practice  in  the  all  vital  fields  of  life  be  it  Money  matter  or  relationships  or  fitness  or  family  etc.

About  Book

This  book  is  all  about  money  in  a condensed  form.  Since  our  childhood  we  develop  lot  of  beliefs  about  money  which  at  later  stage  create  hindrance  in  our  money  making  or  attempts  for  being  rich.  Basically  all  are  myths  and  can  easily  be  broken  with  little  efforts  and  very  simple  techniques  are  explained  in  the  book  which  are  indeed  very  effective  provided  performed  sincerely.  Many  other  concepts  are  explained  about  time  leveraging  and  time  is  money. You  will  find  that  basically  money  making  is  mind  game  and  some  mind  secret  is  behind  that.

Author  contacts

Mobile :                               +91 9816041720

Facebook Page:      

Instagram :               

Email – Id :                 

Book  Amazon  Link

*** How prescholl can change your kids life…

Asha BhartiHow pre school can change your kid's life

What Asha Bharti says about her book :

I often see that parents have so many questions in their minds. Today’s working parents are facing many challenges in respect to spending quality time and teaching basic values with their child whereas some home parents are in dilemma whether they should teach their kids at home or send them to preschool. They are also worried about kids’ safety and engaging them in various activities. The purpose of writing this book is to share my experiences as a parent and as a preschool teacher; about how preschools will help in kids’ overall development of the child.
I myself am a Teacher and a Parent, and hold the duties of doing both. I have learned from my personal experience the benefits of sending kids to school, it is a necessary step in childhood education. Preschool does an amazing job at building a solid foundation for the child to further continue his/her learning. Preschool teaches students about more than just numbers. colors. and the alphabet; preschool’s teach our kids to love learning, be gritty, and work hard.

***Into the tune of life…..

Sabah Derhem authorInto the tune of life

What sabah says about her book :

Sometimes a moment of awareness and realization is a liberation of decades and ages of state of the darkness of confusion and randomness. That moment is a soulful dance of the universal unity with the source of everything. This dance heals loneliness and all sufferings and press buttons of happiness and joy. This book is a self-help book that bring us into a different understanding of fate, life’s choices, and possibilities each of us can create. This book will help you in seeing what so called fate out of blame of harming or creating pain or miseries in human beings. There is always a reason and as fate is the father of reasons, each reason has a specific purpose and goal that fill the gap and connect pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, the full image of the timeline of one’s life. Fate the loyal friend and helpful tool to achieve your highest purpose and fulfill your reality as human being. What if fate is nothing but the guide and motivation to go forward and grow?

*** A Book that starts from the centre……..

Author YusufA book that starts from the centre

Abouthe The Author Yusuf:

A poet from childhood.He is currently heading his business in a beautiful city of Muscat in Oman.He is known by his pen name : Yusuf-livelovelifeagain.Has published his poems on various online platforms & newspapers & magazines in Muscat.Also won many popular writing events in Muscat.

Has won various certificates & accolades from various prestigious organisations like “Poetry & Literary Group International” which has footprint all over the world.Is A Blogger & a Youtuber with his new channel.

He loves to write soulful poems, captivating letters, beautiful memoirs & thoughtful quotes.A book that starts from the centre of your Heart, Mind & Soul is his first book & is available on Amazon in hardcopy as well as an ebook. You can connect with him on below details:

Youtube: Yusuf-livelovelifeagain.
insta: livelovelifeagain.


By going through the speeches of all these amazing first times authors, I am sure you are getting goosebumps to be the next Incredible authors. For that, where there is a sure shot mentor/A life coach who will holding a hand throughout your journey  through the program of Book To A Fortune, the day is not far way, you will also become An Incredible Author.

As book reading is also termed as best form of meditation in this information overload era, just imagine, while you absorb yourself in writing your first book, do you think you can ever suffer from Depression?

What best one can relate than the famous Author Tod Henry,s quote from his book ” Die Emty”:

Die empty

“The more you offer yourself to make life better for someone, the more you empty yourself of the load of destiny you carry into the world. Serve till you empty all.”


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