How Technology is shaping the future of education?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

No one will deny that with the internet becoming far more affordable and accessible, there has already been a greater convergence of digital and traditional teaching-learning mediums.

And, this teaching-learning phenomenon through the internet via different platforms like Zoom, MS Team, Webinar jam, Google meet, Google play store apps is not confined only to school/college going students! Almost, everyone is involved now due to the pandemic crisis.

During this COVID-19 pandemic crisis, you will find almost all big players in different fields has been emerging out to an online platform for teaching as well as selling their course. Even, all big Training/Coaching Industry has also come to this platform for different course as well as skill development course.

Even, from the last few months, most of us are now aware of online webinars, workshops, and classes through these platforms. At least, most of us now know zoom and another video platform which can reach a large no of people through video and audio conferencing.

Initially which was restricted to video calling through whats sap, Skype, etc.

Now, the online learning/education platform has drastically changed. Even, students are taking classes through on-line platform platform!

The education industry will witness the proliferation of small, medium, and large scale edutech start-ups who will offer a variety of innovative digital products to academic institutions in days to come. Even, some start-ups already in the field.!!

Do you know, Digital Education is going to be the Future of Learning in India!

Or, rather, you can say, it is already.

We are in an era of digitalization and technological advancements. It has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives on a continuous basis.

If you look closely, Digital learning in India is becoming the key face of future education.

It is surprising to see how smart technologies are changing the overall educational framework in the country.

The penetration of digital education into the hinterland / rural market is evolving fast. Affordable high-speed internet and direct-to-device technologies are empowering rural students to study courses online and improve their skills and knowledge.

Till last century, the education system in India was the traditional classroom-based learning, where students didn’t get the opportunity to participate actively in lectures. To face the challenges of the changing time, it became necessary to make concepts more clear and students competent enough to cope up globally.

Hence, the concept of digital learning evolved in 2002-03. With technology spreading its wing to the education sector, the typical classroom which was once characterised by boring hour-long sessions now transforming into an interesting, fun-filled environment.

Digital education made life easier for both, students and educators.

The E-learning industry in India is a prolific one, witnessing a steady growth rate of 25 percent year-on-year and is projected to be a $ 1.96 billion industry by 2021.

With a network of more than 1.5 million schools and 18,000 higher education institutes, the market for digital education in India is enormous.

Today, digital learning is no longer a luxury but the implementation of digital tools of learning has become a necessity in schools.

With this emerging trend, SMARTSCHOOL EDUCATION PVT. LTD. has also come into play in the Indian education system in a big way!

Founded by the alumni of DCE, SmartSchool Education Pvt Ltd is an eLearning Company Headquartered in Delhi. The brainchild of people from IIT, IIM, and DCE – Innovation through technology forms the core DNA of the company.

SMARTSCHOOL EDUCATION PVT. LTD. is an Indian education company with back end support in US.

The company has core competence in delivering technology-based K-12 education solutions to the client’s world over. With current footprints in US, UK, NETHERLANDS, AFRICA, MIDDLE-EAST, PAKISTAN, NEPAL, SINGAPORE, NIGERIA, BANGLADESH and India, the company is now rapidly expanding its footprint across other parts of the world. Having catered to more than 1,000,000+ STUDENTS AND OVER 2500+ SCHOOLS WORLDWIDE, the company is poised to become one of the largest K12 technology solution provider world over.

Why SMARTSCHOOL EDUCATION’s  SmartNlearn Apps is going to be the next big thing in Indian Education Industry?

Because their mission says..Ignite the Spirit of Learning…

SMARTSCHOOL EDUCATION PVT. LTD is going to revolutionize the concept of schooling in India!

Smart Schools are actively using Mobile Apps products.

10 lac+ Students actively using the modules 50000+ Education modules in the studynlearn package 98% Satisfaction rating among the parents.

With a long legacy of 10 years in the education market, they have slowly inched their way to becoming the best selling education product company across India for both K-12 Schools and Students.

The complete concepts are captured in audio-visual format, which provides a better learning impact on the child, wherein the child is able to grasp the concept and is able to retain it for a longer duration

The whole course is on

3D/2D Animation   Curriculum Mapped       Real Life videos

SMARTSCHOOL EDUCATION PVT. LTD provides India,s best smart learning app for classes 1st to 12th and same you can enjoy at the comfort of your home by installing Smart school’s Studynlearn -Learning App for I-X

As revision is an integral part of any learning program, aimed at achieving good marks in the examination. Studynlearn package contains an interactive revision tool, which is mapped as per the school curriculum and is the best last-minute study tool for your child. With its vivid graphics and intuitiveness, the tools make the revision time relaxing for the child.

Most of the courses have High Definition Video Lessons.

Even, studynlearn course has Mentor Help.

Every Studynlearn package comes with Dedicated Mentor support. The Mentors are professional Educational counselors with years of industry experience in child mentoring. Mentors have the dual role of providing both academic and motivational support to the child.

With advanced digital technology using mobile-based apps, StudynLearn is going to be the next big thing in the Indian education Industry!

Scientific studies have revealed that children have 50% retention for visual receiving, which indicates that education content that stimulates visual and audio senses has the best impact on a child’s learning ability.

Multi-Sensory Learning Studynlearn package is based on the concept of multi-sensory learning. Multisensory learning involves the use of multiple senses of the child to deliver the concepts through audio-visual and text-based Education content.

With multisensory learning, your child is able to learn faster and also able to retain the concepts for much longer periods. When it comes to scoring high in an examination, classroom learning is equally important as self-study. With Studynlearn package, your child will be able to self-study from High-quality education content anytime, anywhere, and will get the best results in the examination.

The amazing part is, the content has been reviewed by the esteemed panel of experts from NCERT and SCERT.

The course follows subjects like:- Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi, and English.

The package contains a huge repository of interactive applications that makes the learning environment exciting for the students. The interactive application include: – Ÿ Keypoints Ÿ Keyterms Ÿ Quizzes Ÿ Worksheets Ÿ Q&A I

Studynlearn Examguru is an extensive quiz software for students to practice and revise.

Studynlearn Examguru consists of :- Ÿ Question Bank of over 1 lac questions Ÿ Full-Length Test Series for competitive examinations Ÿ Extensive Study Material Ÿ GK/IQ based tests for NTSE/Olympiads Ÿ Complete test analysis and feedback report

A very very important aspect is, Special Learning Zone has been developed to aid children, who are facing some amount of learning disabilities in their academic endeavors. The content majorly consist of interactive audio-visual presentation, which has been created by leading experts from the field of Child Pedagogy

The learning zone touches various aspects of child learning which includes the ability to hear, speak, spell, recall, and write language alphabets and numbers.

It is expected from the parents to incorporate this content with the routine academic curriculum, so as to provide regular practice to their child. Although the zone has been designed to improve different learning abilities, this can also be used in the routine academic course. The learning zone has been divided into different sections:- Writing Skill Therapy Listening Skill Therapy Phonetic Skill Therapy Spelling Skill Therapy Vocabulary Skill Therapy Number Skill Therapy.

How To Use Studynlearn ?

Self Study Student studies the same concept in the Studynlearn package.

Quiz Practice Student practices the quiz from the same concept.

Mentor Help Student consults the Mentor for further clarification and doubts.

Personalized Mentor Support,  We strongly believe that motivation can move mountains.

Any online education product should have a human interface to instill necessary motivation in the children to study and excel in their endeavors.

As every Studynlearn package comes with dedicated mentor support and Mentors are highly trained academic professionals, who will not only provide academic guidance but will also act as strong motivational support for the child.

Academic Guidance Career Counseling 24X7 Hardware & Software Support Motivational Support 250+ Strong team of Academicians 100+ Highly trained Mentors. 50+ Strong team of Software experts.

To promote their program, every Sunday Studynlearn coming out with an online free zoom session, you will get glimpses of their work by clicking this pre-recorded zoom video.  can see a free recorded zoom session to know more about their program by clicking here :

The most interesting part is, Studynlearn has come up with a unique Business strategy in the line with Network marketing model giving franchise structure with the below model.StudynLearn you tube video will give you a fare idea.

For young entrepreneurs, with a minimum of 15K investment, one can associate with Studynlearn team for huge returns.

As the webinar says, anyone interested can see their business plan below and be a distributorship.


Studynlearn is not only emerging as smart education Apps for better learning and excelling of students, they are coming with this unique Business plan for anyone as a distributorship. As stated by Studynlearn webinar, please see below why you can think of to be a part of the team.


Why this could be a huge business opportunity for you?

Survey data says, Total students in our country – 30 crores

Total students using Ed-tech- 10 crores

That means, only 0.3% market is captured. That means, there is massive scope to grow!!

If one as distributorship can sell the app’s product only to 5000 students, one can generate a business of 7.5 crores per annum.!! 


To know more, you can see the free recorded webinar.

Studyn learn is the only apps in India having bilingual -both Hindi and English.

More interestingly, they are giving the learnnstudy apps for 7-day as a demo. You can download the apps in your mobile from the following link as Learning App for I-X.

Living in a globalized economy, Indian youth is preparing itself to the learning needs and challenges of this digital era.

With the digital transformation, the education sector in the country is bound to re-adjust itself profoundly both in terms of how we learn and what we learn.

Our nation’s young population will certainly prove to be a demographic dividend if the benefits of technology are made available to every doorstep of the country’s household.

As explained, while Studynlearn through Digital education with highly sophisticated apps and a business model are encouraging today’s youth in a lot many ways to learn and engage themselves in the vast sea of knowledge and this digital class rooms tools are cheapest also compared to others,  then, why, you –  as parents, students or young enthusiastic business entrepreneur will stay behind?

It’s time to be part of the digital revolution in Education in India !!

As digital education is the future for India that will take the country to a new pedestal of socio-economic growth and prosperity, It,s the right time for you to think about it seriously!!


After all :


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