Happiest Man in the world

Happiest man in the world to push you feel elated!

You are the happiest man in the world!

Yes. You are!

Do you believe this??

You should. You must.  Do you believe what I am saying?

Yes, You are the happiest man!

Observe your physiology. Your Body language. Your smile. Your whole body posture.

Are you not looking happy at this moment?

What’s your view? Maybe you are confused or maybe you are feeling disgusted.  How could it be?

But as in his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says… Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become,” Lord Buddha also taught.

Budha quote

But the only thing, you have to think passionately after deciding what you want in life at a particular time.

At this moment, I know, you want to be the happiest man in the world!

Because you are not only reading this. You are also seeing it. Hearing it. Feeling it. Believing it. Experiencing it!!

By the way, if you search in Google, You will find the happiest man in the world is….

Mathieu Ricard happiest man

Yes, He is  Mathieu Ricard!!

Matthieu Ricard is a Tibetan Buddhist monk who has been called “the world’s happiest man.”

He was a molecular biologist at the Pasteur Institute in France and later on shifted to the Himalayas to Nepal and became a Buddhist Monk.

Born in Aix-les-Bains, Savoie, France, Matthieu Ricard is the son of the late Jean-François Revel (born Jean-François Ricard), a renowned French philosopher. His mother is the lyrical abstractionist painter and Tibetan Buddhist nun Yahne Le Toumelin. Matthieu Ricard grew up among the personalities and ideas of French intellectual circles.

Ricard worked for a Ph.D. degree in molecular genetics at the Pasteur Institute under French Nobel Laureate François Jacob. After completing his doctoral thesis in 1972, Ricard decided to forsake his scientific career and concentrate on the practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

Ricard then went to India where he lived in the Himalayas studying with the Kangyur Rinpoche and some other teachers of that tradition.

Why Matthieu Ricard is termed as happiest Man in the world, you know?

Richard Mathieu participated in a 12-year brain study on meditation and compassion. It was conducted by neuroscientist Richard Davidson from the University of Wisconsin.

Dr Richard Davidson

Davidson hooked up Ricard’s head to 256 sensors and found that when Ricard was meditating on compassion, his mind was unusually light.

Dr Davidson with Mathieu experiment

It was observed that the level of gamma waves produced in Ricard’s brain, which is associated with consciousness, attention, learning, and memory, was something that had never been reported before.

The scans also showed excessive activity in his brain’s left prefrontal cortex compared to its right counterpart, allowing him an abnormally large capacity for happiness and a reduced propensity towards negativity.

Now, let’s go a bit deeper into Brain science.

All our thoughts, emotions and behavior is the communication between neurons within our brain. Do you know, our brain has around 100 billion brain cells called neurons. Each with an average 10,000 connections with other neurons. When we undergo an experience, neurons become active or fire. When neurons fire together, they grow a new connections between them. Over time, the connection that results from firing leads to Rewiring in the brain.

Rewiring in the brain!! Its incredible exciting news for all of us.

It means we are not held captive for the rest of our life by the way our brain works at this moment.

We can rewire the brain so that we can be healthier and happier.

Neuroscientist proved that this is true not only for children and adolescents but true for each of us across the life span.

The brain is plastic or moldable. Brain physically changes throughout the course of our lives.

Neuro Plasticity

The most important brain plasticity is popularly known as neuroplasticity property which refers to  Brain changes in response to continuous stimuli.

As Ricard Mathieu says, that a person should train his mind by thinking happy thoughts for 15 minutes every day.

As per Ricard Mathieu, the secret behind happiness lies with altruism. The reason is that thinking about yourself, and how to make things better for yourself all the time, is exhausting, stressful, and ultimately leads to unhappiness.

“It’s not the moral ground,” Ricard explained. “It’s simply that me, me, me all day long is very stuffy. And it’s quite miserable because you instrumentalize the whole world as a threat, or as a potential sort of interest.

Happiest man in the world mathieu

You will find the following lines from “ Thought of the week” of Ricard Mathieu website so serene!

Desire is the source of suffering both in this life and the next. Like moths drawn to the lovely candlelight that destroys them, people are attracted to the pleasing sound of flattery, enticed by the aroma of tobacco, the taste of meat, a lover’s soft touch, and the caress of silken robes. Thus people are deceived and destroy the path to their own freedom.

Can you believe, being the happiest man in the world, Mathieu use to do 18 hours of mediation every day!!

But for normal human beings like us, it is not possible for us to do so long meditation!

So, what we can do.

We can do lots of things if we want to be happy!

And, in today’s, so stressful life with Information overload, everyone wants to be happy!

What is Happiness?

Happiness is simply the ability to not want more; to find gratitude and satisfaction at the moment that you have right now.

In other words, your happiness hinges on living in the moment instead of yearning for some future indicator of success.

Here’s the best way I know to live in the moment…

Express gratefulness.

Appreciating what you have right now automatically brings you into the present. It allows you to get past the dissatisfaction of wanting a bigger house or a better relationship or a better job and experience what you have right now.

You can apply these 5 Simple Ways to Be Happy

  1. Before dinner each night, say one thing you are grateful for. (If you pray, then this can become part of your prayer as well.)
  2. Write a Thank You note to someone this week. If you can’t find anything else to thank someone for, then just write them a note to thank them for being in your life. Any time they spend with you is a gift because they could choose to spend it with someone else.
  3. Take 30 seconds to breathe. There is no easier way to make time for yourself and be grateful for your own existence than to breathe. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose for a count of three and out through your mouth for a count of five. Do this 5 times.
  4. Do nothing for 2 minutes. Guess what happens? Nothing! You didn’t lose your job. Your family didn’t leave you. You’re not a failure. Nobody judged you. In fact, the only thing that really happened was that you realized that you can make time for yourself and enjoy your own presence without consuming
  5. Call a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while. We live for close connection. Having Facebook friends, what sap, Twitter followers and a large network is great, but it lacks the meaning of close connection. Reach out to someone who is important to you. Talk about whatever the hell you want. You don’t have to say anything cheesy or uncomfortable. Just enjoy the conversation and be grateful for that person.

And, of course, we can do a bit of Meditation in a different way.


So, let’s start it all together. Take three deep breaths. Relax your body, Relax your mind. Close your eyes.

Now, give full attention to your breathing.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Breathe in. Breathe out. In your mind’s eyes, try to see Ricard Mathiew,s smiling face

Mathieu Ricard smiling face

and feel that you are seating there in place of Mathiew with an intense feeling that you are feeling happy.

Healthier and Happier.

Retrain your brain

Try to go into the depth of happiness as the Brain will take these new changes because of its neuroplasticity.

Just say an Affirmation-Yes, at this moment I am the happiest man in the world.


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  1. Sir
    Let me start doing the gratitude exercise at this moment itself. I am really thankful to you that you wrote this beautiful and soothing blog for the world. I felt a sense of amazement and ecstasy after reading it.
    Few days back, I was reading the exact lines which you shared about RICARD and I felt very proud of him.
    Thanks for making us realise that in the end, only thing which matters is OUR HAPPINESS and we shall have it no matter what.

    1. Thanks for the beautiful feedback.Once you do it from the deepest core of your heart, no one can stop you from feeling happy within!

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