How digital visiting card make your brand to the top notch level?

You are highly informed on digitalization!

Everything is now digital. Money transfer is also done digitally.

We’ve all heard of Gpay, Phone Pay, and Paytm.

Our lives and lifestyles have been transformed by the digital age. Everything has gone digital in today’s digital age, from communication to commercial transactions. For generations, business cards have been a need in the business world.

Networking means visiting card

However, as digital technology has advanced, there has been a shift towards digital visiting cards or digital business cards.

Visiting cards are used for networking all over the world, from the United States to India. For generations, people have used visiting cards to transmit contact information, and the practice is still as popular now as it was then.

The practice of exchanging business cards is becoming increasingly sophisticated as social and professional networks expand.

Can you picture it? According to a report from 2020, up to 10 billion business cards are created annually in the United States alone.

As of 2023, digital visiting cards are expected to be the most popular networking tool due to their innovation, accessibility, and favourable environmental effects.

Without a doubt, digital business cards are worthwhile. You may make the most of your networking efforts by using these virtual networking technologies, which are contactless, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Revolution on visiting card to digital

A digital visiting card is an easy and affordable method to advertise your company and communicate with potential customers or partners.

By keeping an eagle’s eye on my digital visiting card below and clicking on different icons, you may get a decent understanding of what this digital visiting card is all about.

Digital visiting card to elevate your brand

There are many digital players in this industry that manufacture them easily. You may get in touch with StartupWay24, a digital marketing firm that specialises in giving companies of all sizes excellent internet marketing services.

Startupway24 It services Pvt. Ltd

They will create a digital business card similar to the one I’m referring to for you at a low cost.

Digital business card sales are increasing at a CAGR ( Compound Annual Growth Rate ) of 11.2% on a worldwide scale. By 2027, the size of this digital visiting card market is anticipated to reach US$ 242.3 million.

Continue reading to learn why you should have a digital business card available to distribute to your contacts.

  1. Update Your Information Immediately

Digital business cards have the significant benefit of allowing you to rapidly update your information without having to print new ones. You may update all the contacts who have a copy of your digital business card from your phone if you have an app for it and need to make any urgent adjustments.

Consider the scenario when you misplace your phone and need a new one. Of course, you don’t want any of your contacts in the business world calling the old number. You may ensure this by simply amending the information on your business card.

  1. Have all your information in one location

More than merely increasing your social media contacts is possible with digital business cards. These cards allow you to pretty much insert any link, so you may utilise that ability to add a variety of data.

For instance, you may add a Google Maps link to your digital card, like I did for my new address in Guwahati, if you have a business that is located in a new location and want to drive customers there.

Google map click option in digital visiting card

In this way, all your contacts have to do to find you when they need treatment is to look at your business card and hit the link that will take them directly to your new address.

You may even design a sizable digital business card that, when enlarged, displays your basic information. The viewer may then see features like your portfolio when they enlarge the image on the business card. As long as you can enter the information cleanly, there is no restriction on how much you may include to your digital business card.

  1. Rapid and simple contact information sharing

Sharing information is the main purpose of business cards. Previously, you could do this by simply pulling your printed calling card from your breast pocket or card carrier and handing it to the other person.

Although giving out your card is a quick process, there is a chance that the recipient will lose it. Additionally, it’s likely that your card will get lost in a stack of other business cards. After all, if they needed something, they would likely take up their phone and Google it right away.

Share a digital business card with your contact rather than a paper one. When shared on a smartphone, certain digital cards instantly add you to the recipient’s contact book. By doing this, you can be sure that your contact will always have your contact information on hand and not just sitting in their desk drawer at work.

  1. Increase Your Network

The basic information you would provide on a business card is often just your name, company, position, email address, and phone number. There may be one or more links in it pointing your contact to your professional social media accounts. But that’s pretty much all. More information might result in your business card seeming cluttered and less professional.

Digital business cards are not problematic in this regard. To share all of your profiles, use a QR code or URL that points to your Link on the Bio page rather than writing each link separately on your business card. Your contacts will be able to add your profile to their favourite social media network in this manner.

  1. It’s economical

Elegantly designed business cards are still valued by many nowadays, but they are expensive to keep up. Since you have to pay for both the card and the printer, every time you hand your card to a contact, you are paying for it.

What’s worse is that your current batch of calling cards becomes invalid when you update your contact information. Therefore, you’ll probably need to get a new set of cards if you change offices, get a new business phone number, or get promoted. But if you have a digital business card, you can get by with just a few minor changes to the information. Being a professional, so far, I had to change my visiting card so many times as seen below.

Replacement of paper visiting cards

You may order a fresh set of cards without going to the printers. Additionally, if you use a link shortener or a LinkedIn bio page, you only need to edit the links on the relevant pages—your card doesn’t need to be changed at all.

  1. The environment will benefit.

When you transition to digital, you not only save money but also some forests. You save money by not printing your business cards and avoiding the need to buy paper stock, which is typically made from recently felled trees. Additionally, if you stop printing cards and stop using materials made of plastic, you reduce plastic waste.

Top notch branding with digital visiting card

Consider all the resources that have been consumed, including the millions of trees that have been chopped down, to produce the vast quantities of paper stocks needed for business cards. By switching from traditional business cards to digital visiting cards, we can lessen this waste.

7. More Room for Creativity

With a printed business card, you are constrained in space. These business cards can only include so much information on their 3.5 × 2-inch surface. You can only design a card with a surface area of 14 square inches, even if it has two sides. Additionally, you can only add text and images to it.

But when designing a digital card, your only restriction is your creativity.

Additionally, you can only add text and images to it.

But when designing a digital card, your only restriction is your creativity. You may add rich media to your calling card in addition to links and QR codes if you so want.

Additionally, you aren’t constrained by physical space because you can easily add fine details to your card using the zoom feature on a smartphone. For instance, you might design a large, high-resolution business card that, when zoomed out, displays your general contact information. However, when you zoom in, you can use that area to display your portfolio, complete address, or any other information you wish to include.


With all these benefits, it’s time for you to obtain a digital calling or business card. You may easily develop original designs that represent your brand and individuality. Your inventiveness isn’t constrained by the physical world while using digital cards.

Naturally, printed business cards have a classy appeal. When you sincerely present the other person with your tangible business card with a bow on your head, it truly demonstrates your humility. Physical visiting cards will continue to be used as long as there are relationships; they won’t disappear any time soon.

However, being aware of these advantages will help you understand why more people are now using e-business cards to network effectively and shrewdly. Having a digital business card is only logical as technology advances and practically everyone has a presence online. Naturally, the choice is yours.


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