How heart intelligence awareness heals your life?

How heart intelligence awareness heals your life?

If you like Bollywood movies, you may have seen Shahrukh Khan’s hit Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which has a famous phrase that everyone remembers… If mujhse pyaar karti karti karti karti karti karti karti karti kar Palat, Palat, Palat… See how simple it is to determine someone’s sentiments for you?

Allow him or her to walk away; if that individual returns and stares at you, he or she most likely loves you. An powerful emotion can convey a message through the air to another person, prompting them to respond.

What is the success rate of this strategy in practice, though?

Maybe you’re grinning. That might be conceivable in the movies, but not in real life!

Sanjay Dutt’s role as a unique doctor in Munnabhai MBBS, with his equally odd techniques of treating his patients using Munna Bhai’s signature Jaadu Ki Jhappi, may also be remembered (magical hug).

Though it has inspired many individuals throughout the world, including doctors, the film has taught us more than just the iconic jhappi! The video contained not only entertainment, but also inspiring discourse that provoked reflection.

Scenes where Munna bonds with Anand Bhai, who was declared brain dead years ago, are particularly moving. Munna encourages him to reclaim his senses and live life fully by saying,

What do you think, all of these are just movie scenes, not real life? All of this is due to Heart,s natural intelligence.

According to new research, the electromagnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger than the electromagnetic field of the brain! The electromagnetic field of our heart extends and touches individuals within 8 to 25 feet of us!.

The heart’s beat is linked with life, and heart disease is the world’s leading cause of death. The human heart is a mechanical marvel in and of itself, pounding 2.5 billion times in a lifetime.

In a single year, your heart pumps around 500,000 gallons of blood through your body’s 60,000 miles of blood capillaries.

The heart is the body’s major electrical power station, generating a far-reaching electromagnetic field in addition to being a world-class pump. The electro magnetic field produced by the heart can be detected from many feet away.

In fact, if you’re within a few feet of another person, the electromagnetic signals produced by his or her heart can affect your brain rhythms.

Does it make logical that Sharukh Khan’s strong feelings/expectation that Kajol would turn around and look at him after she walked away would lead Kajol to do the same in reaction to Sharukh’s feelings alone?

The heart has a basic ability to learn, remember, sense, and feel thanks to its own sophisticated network of neurons and neurotransmitters. The heart and brain communicate with and influence each other in far more ways than most of us understand.

The Institute of Heart Math has regularly used the term “Heart Intelligence” in recent years. The necessity of being connected to the knowledge of our hearts, on the other hand, is not new.

Around 500 B.C.E., for example, the “To put the world in right order, we must first put the nation in right order; to put the nation in right order, we must first put the family in right order; to put the family in right order, we must first cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right,” the Chinese sage Confucius explained.

You’ll be surprised to learn what several Quran stanzas have to say about the heart.


Heart Intelligence not only responds to information from our bodies, but it also works in tandem with our minds, tuning in to our emotions and useful suggestions from others. If you pay attention, you will notice that many times in your life your heart aches first when you receive surprising negative news.

Your heart aches first when a love relationship ends.

What does it all mean?

Your heart is intelligent in its own right.

If you are a believer in God or a higher power, you may find it beneficial to conceive of Heart Intelligence as God’s or a higher power’s direction.

It simultaneously gathers data from a variety of sources and synthesizes it into a simple manner.

Your intuitive understanding of what is true or what is best to do is your heart intelligence.

It’s a universal guiding force of love.

It’s a form of knowledge that’s often instantaneous and symbolizes a natural and harmonious interaction of body, mind, and spirit.

Heart Intelligence, like a flashlight beam that lights the darkness, cuts through unnecessary complication and confusion, helping you to understand what’s actually important.

Webster defines intuition as “an instantaneous knowing or learning of something without the use of conscious thinking.” Dreams can sometimes provide intuitive insights into difficulties or images of future events.

A direct awareness of truth, an intuition feeling, a hunch, a flash, or an intrinsic knowledge are all examples of heart intelligence.

Even while you’re engaged in high-intensity activity, keep an open mind and be responsive to your intuition. The more grounded you are in the center of the Target of Life, the more sensitive your intuition will be.

Scientists at the Institute of Heart Math revealed that when someone is highly attuned to their Heart Intelligence, they experience heightened psychophysiological coherence—a state linked to reduced stress, greater emotional stability, high performance, and a variety of health advantages.

Rather of creating chaos, as we each become more adept at tuning into our own Heart Intelligence, a sense of harmony emerges. This synergistic harmony is most easily visible in small groups, but it also exists in larger social groupings.

During the height of the Lebanon war in the early 1980s, an experiment was done to see if heart-based meditation may help reduce violence. When 1,000 individuals gathered in Jerusalem to meditate on world peace, war casualties in Lebanon dropped by more than 75%. On the days the group meditated, not only did war casualties decrease, but so did crime, traffic collisions, fires, and other destructive activities.

Do you know, the heart secretes oxytocin, sometimes known as the “love” or “bonding” hormone, according to experts in the ” LOVE CONNECTION.”

In addition to its well-known functions in delivery and lactation, new research reveals that this hormone oxytocin has an impact on cognition, social adaptability, and the formation of long-lasting ties between people.

When our hearts are filled with love, wonderful things happen. Tests at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, have found that persons who are romantically in love are more joyful, energetic, and less prone to discomfort. They also get fewer colds and have white blood cells that fight infection more effectively.

Love feelings have a good impact on others around us. The most beautiful and wonderful things in the world can’t be seen or even touched; they have to be felt with the heart.

LOVE is a powerful example. The sacred, quiet cry of one heart to another is known as love. Love is sweet, gentle, kind, patient, and steel-like in its strength. Love is when we feel the same way about others as we do about ourselves.

Love is basic, transparent, and innocent. In the hearts of the destitute and abandoned, love radiates rays of hope. Love is the light that breaks down all barriers between people, families, and nations.

Every human being, especially those we see frightening or unlikable, has a deep desire for love. To be loved means to be embraced and treasured without reservation. It is hard to contain love as it wells up within our hearts.

It expands by nature and must manifest itself. Service—service to family and friends, service via your work, service to your community and environment, service to those who appreciate what you have to offer—is how love is put into action.

The stronger the love we feel and can share, the more we follow our Heart Intelligence.

You could realize more about Love from this quote of Amy Poehler is an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and director : “Continue to share your heart with people even if it has been broken.”

Love is the answer, regardless of the suffering or illness.

Love is the answer, regardless of the loss. Whatever the fear, love is the solution.”

This simple four-step heart intelligence builder will help you make the best decisions possible, whether you’re dealing with a difficult circumstance, looking for creative inspiration, or deciding how to spend your free time.

Your Heart’s Way can be used practically anywhere, at any time, and in under a minute.

  1. Listen to your heart. Gently focus on your heart area—the middle section of your chest—for around seven seconds (or longer if feasible). Be calm and sensitive inside while doing this.
  2. Listen to your intuition. Intuit what your heart is saying as you concentrate on the sensations in your chest. The advice from your heart can be subtle—even very subtle—in the form of a feeling, thought, vision, or inner knowing.
  3. Take a confident pause. “I am calm and confident,” tell yourself mentally. If you’re spiritual, you might want to think of a short prayer and/or envision yourself surrounded by radiant light instead.
  4. Take slow breaths. As your belly expands with each in-breath and shrinks with each out-breath, allow your breath to become deep, peaceful, and regular. Imagine breathing in and out through the center of your chest, where your heart is. You will be able to detect your heart’s guidance more readily and swiftly as you practice. Your Heart’s Way will become second nature with practice. You may even grow so attuned to your heart’s direction that you will live your life nearly entirely via it. .

Bottom Line:

It will not interfere with your regular tasks if you keep a portion of your attention always attentive to the soft warmth in your heart area. In reality, it will boost your productivity, creativity, and kindness, as well as making your life more meaningful over time.

Let us conceive and create a world where everyone lives in optimal health. Let us endeavor to awaken new perspectives, new zeal, and overflowing love. Let us picture a world where anything is possible. It can be accomplished through the use of heart intelligence.

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