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How to Be More Attractive: Have a great Sense of Humour!

You can’t deny that we all have that one individual in our lives who can put a grin on our otherwise frowning face no matter what.

Humour is a prized quality, and we’re nearly wired to seek it out.

According to one modest study, we have the ability to appreciate humour as early as our first year of life. However, while we all have the ability to be amusing, it takes a unique kind of individual to make an entire group burst out laughing.

Humour attracts woman

According to study data from various magazines, guys with a good sense of humour are the third most attractive personality attribute to women.

The physical appearance came out on top, followed by financial stability.

Humour has lately been studied, and it is now considered a character strength.

Humour may be used to make others feel good, achieve intimacy, or assist buffer stress, according to positive psychology, a subject that studies what individuals do well.

A sense of humour, like gratitude, hope, and spirituality, is part of the set of positive psychological traits known as transcendence; collectively, they help us form connections with the world and give meaning to our lives.

Humour appreciation is linked to other qualities like wisdom and a desire to learn.

Increased sentiments of emotional well-being and optimism are also a result of humour activities or exercises.

For all of these reasons, humour is now accepted into mainstream experimental psychology as a desirable habit or ability that researchers are interested in learning more about.

According to studies, laughing can be quite helpful to one’s health for attentive men.

And having a good sense of humour that makes people laugh can make a big impact, especially when dating women.

According to two hundred college students, a lot of women find a guy with a wonderful sense of humour highly attractive since it makes the conversation lighter and helps them laugh, however dating a man who is very serious in his outlook on life makes the talk heavy and may get very boring.

According to the same study, women like intellectual men, and a good sense of humour is linked to intelligence, because a man with wits can think quickly and generate a joke that is appropriate for the situation is clever indeed and not  “nonsense.”

“Laughter is the best medicine,” as they say.

Laughter and humour have been shown to be beneficial to the body as well as the emotions in numerous studies.

It promotes pain tolerance, boosts the immune system, reduces stress, relaxes the muscles, lowers blood pressure, and speeds up the healing process.

It’s no surprise that being with a man with a fantastic sense of humour makes women feel so happy!

Have you had a great sense of humour?

Please examine the following elements for yourself.

You work on your self-acceptance.

acceptance signs

Self-acceptance is more common among persons who have a lighthearted attitude.

Individuals with a good sense of humour accept their flaws and laugh them off (and let them go) in a healthy way.

It’s also something that others should strive for:

Self-acceptance is essential for living a happier life, although it isn’t always done.

You’re in good physical shape.

Laughter is certainly the best medicine, and those with a strong sense of humour know how to use it.

Laughter can help to activate the organs, boost the immune system, and ease the pain.

We hope that by learning more about comedy, we will be able to recommend ways for people to live better lives, from assisting them in coping with pain and stress to encouraging individuals to use humour to criticise brands that have wronged them.

Humour encourages health

You’ve got a lot of imagination.

Coming up with quick-witted jokes that make people smile requires a lot of mental energy.

Those with a good sense of humour are more likely to be innovative.

That isn’t the only cognitive advantage:

Laughter can also improve short-term memory, according to 2014 research.

humour creates creativity

You make it priority to laugh.
“Life is better when you’re laughing,” as the old adage goes, and no one knows this more than someone with strong sense of humour. 
Those with good sense of humour not only see the importance of making others laugh, but they also prioritise their own amusement. 
As result, they are healthier and happier as result of it: 
Smiling quickly improves your mood, and laughing helps relieve tension and melt stressaccording to studies.
Humour encourages priority
You’re responsible person.
There’s distinction to be made between well-intentioned comedy and mean-spirited jokes, and those with decent sense of humour are aware of it. 
As you may be aware, the majority of comedy is predicated on making people laugh at the expense of others. 
It’s really type of serious bullying. 
Others with good sense of humour perform comedy that makes people laugh while not hurting other people’s feelings.
Humour is responsibity

You accept ageing as a fact of life.

While most people become irritated with each passing birthday, those who are cheerful take it all in stride.

Those “beyond the horizon” cards?

What’s with the jokes about getting older?

It’s all in good fun, and having a good time may help you live longer.

According to research, having a good sense of humour can help you live longer in retirement.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any of the aforementioned symptoms (though I’m sure you do).

Your sense of humour can be sharpened and improved in a variety of ways.

Sure, why not?


    Simply go with the flow as……

  1. Create an atmosphere of laughing and humour in your relationship by focusing on the hilarious or funny aspects of things and revelling in the laughter that they evoke.

      Then you’ll start to recognise the humour in everything you do, including problems that may arise, and you’ll be able          to  deal with them without causing stress in your relationship.

  1. If you feel like you don’t laugh enough and want to change that, surround yourself with individuals who enjoy themselves and are amusing.

       Try to visit joyful areas where you and your companion can participate in enjoyable and active activities.

  1. Laugh at yourself and the situations you find yourself in. Many people find it difficult to laugh because they are    self-conscious and have personal worries.

       Psychiatrists say they are often afraid of appearing silly in front of others and giving the image of being foolish.

       It is critical to recognise that everyone makes or commits mistakes and that a pleasant laugh can make such an error         appear human.

  1. Collect clean jokes and read hilarious literature.

       Then, when the situation calls for it, there’s always a joke ready to brighten someone’s day!

  1. Use humour to de-escalate conflict in your relationship.

       When things get tense in your relationship, “self-deprecating humour” can help to lighten the mood.

       “Self-deprecating humour” fosters humility and courage, all of which are required to remove the mask of insecurity             and reveal one’s vulnerability to one’s partner.

Having a sense of humour in your relationship will add so much zest to it, make it more rewarding, and allow both parties to perceive life in new ways.

A joyful disposition between partners will result in a more easygoing, cheerful, and good relationship.

Humour bonds relationship


Humour may be found in all cultures and at all ages.

However, experimental psychology has only recently recognised it as a necessary and fundamental human activity.

The humour effect is a cognitive bias in which people remember information better if they find it amusing.

Humour has been linked to a variety of benefits, including greater engagement, enhanced energy levels, and reduced negative emotions, making it a beneficial tool in a variety of settings.

Can you think of a better way to cheer someone up than with a good sense of humour?

There’s no way.

That’s why, in the words of Michael J. Fox, a retired Canadian-American actor, author, film producer, and campaigner,      “I believe the scariest person in the world is the person who has no sense of humour.”

Do you want to be a part of it?

You will never ever.


Develop a strong sense of humour as a way to become more charismatic.



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