How to create an atmosphere of integrity to excel in life?

Integrity entails acting honourably even when no one is looking.

Integrity is demonstrated by those who follow moral and ethical values in all parts of their lives.

Integrity in the workplace should extend to areas like decision-making, engaging with coworkers, and serving customers or clients.

INTEGRITY is impossible to fake.

Either you are IN INTEGRITY, sending out a PURE good vibration that the Law of   Attraction reacts to, or you are NOT.

Alternatively, you may be OUT OF INTEGRITY, which produces a negative or mixed vibration that the Law of Attraction cannot ignore.

Integrity gives you a sense of security and assurance about who you are as a person

There is nothing that can enhance your self-esteem if you don’t have integrity because you aren’t honest about your ideals and values.

Being secure in who you are and reflecting on that to others gives you confidence.

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Here’s a real-life example of how the cosmos can assist you when you are in a vibration of honesty.

The quality and progress of our high-rise building project in an IIT campus were not up to par during the construction period.

Things aren’t getting any better after so many meetings and follow-ups.

On a Saturday evening, following a tense meeting in which the contractors’ boss was cornered and told that we would not compromise the quality or progress of the jobs in any case and that they had to adhere to all quality standards.

What the contractor’s boss did after the meeting was to invite me to his room, where, after a brief discussion and an attempt to woo me, he asked the clerk to leave the room by closing the door from the outside, leaving the boss, myself, and one of his senior project managers alone in the room for a closed-door private discussion.

I sensed that something big was about to happen, and I braced myself for some foul play.

The boss of that firm congratulated me much, saying that he had never seen an officer with so much hard work, honesty, and integrity, and he handed me an envelope containing a large sum of money.

He said that it was merely a gesture of their love and that I should not interpret it in any other way.

I could see thick notes of currency within the packet.

What I did was ask him not to think it any other way, and instead to return the envelope to his children for some refreshment, without reacting to it.

With a smile on my face, I calmly explained that whatever relief we can give them,   we will do it and that no envelope was required.

I also explained to him that my corporate pay was more than enough for me to live my life with my family and that it would be a wonderful path ahead of us if we could continue with you.

With that message, I felt at ease and courageous that I could gaze directly into the eyes of that prestigious company’s boss.

At the same time, I noticed that my demeanour in front of that company boss was really respectful, and he promised that we would finish our balance duties on time and without any quality difficulties.

On the other hand, if I had gotten the envelope from that employer containing around fifty thousand rupees, I could have been content for the time being, but do you think I could have held myself in high regard in front of that man?

Never, ever, ever.

The most surprising aspect is that starting the next day, work was accomplished with greater fire and excitement, and in record speed, for which my company supervisor commended me and I was promoted.

That was a significant motivator for me.

What you contribute to the world will undoubtedly return back to you in some way.

Integrity and honesty are less appealing qualities, but they are considerably more important for our aspirations and progress as a society.

You may take your life to the next level by being more conscious of these elements and allowing abundance to thrive everywhere.

When integrity is lacking in our relationships, our leaders, or ourselves, trust is broken, support is lost, and no one achieves their objectives.

Aligning our internal ideals with our external behaviours may appear simple, yet doing so can be difficult.

You may improve your integrity by following these five best tips:

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  1. Think about your own morals and ethics.

What are your values and ethics, and whence did you get them? 

When was the last time you stood up to them, even if it was in a little way, and why  did you do so? 

Have your values and ethics evolved, or do they need to evolve? 

If you say you wouldn’t steal, but you test a few grapes before buying a bunch in the supermarket, are you living true to your own principles and morals?

  1. Serve as an example of honesty to others.

Maintain your principles and ethics in a consistent, open, and transparent manner. 

Encourage individuals around you to challenge you and others, especially if you or they appear to be acting unethically. 

e.g “Tell me about how what you just offered fits in with our ideals surrounding inclusion?” you could remark if a colleague presents a strategy that you think is dubious in terms of your inclusion ethics. 

Rather than being confrontational, this style is inquisitive and collaborative.

  1. Speak Out in Support of Your Beliefs

Standing up for what you believe in will always make you feel better about yourself. 

You can do so in a respectful and upbeat manner. 

“How could I satisfy my ethics while simultaneously meeting your outcomes?” is a    question that should always be asked. 

Aim for a win-win situation; it’s feasible if you think positively and creatively.

  1. Stick to your commitments

Keep your promises, both to yourself and to others. 

Every day, we make so many promises that it’s easy to forget them, putting our relationships in jeopardy. 

Every minor promise that is not kept erodes trust. 

If you make a commitment, write it down and only check it off when you’ve completed it, or notify the person if you can’t keep it.

  1. Surround yourself with trustworthy people.

It will be easy to maintain your integrity if you choose the proper company. 

Limit your time spent with people who do not share your values and ethics, and if you are in a position to hire, think about how you can hire people who share your morals and ethics.

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Integrity is not a forced march through life, and it isn’t about not pushing harder, not being better, and not following another should.

It’s about being honest with yourself and having the guts to listen to and accept what your heart and life are trying to tell you so you can become even more fully who you already are.


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