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pieces of evidence supporting the “broken mirror” theory of autism had been published by January 2006. Ramachandran’s team at the University of California, San Diego published a paper in Cognitive Brain Research in March 2005, with Lindsay M. Oberman as the paper’s first author, summarizing the findings of a study that used electroencephalography (EEG) to measure the brain waves of 10 high-functioning autistic children and 10 age- and gender-matched control subjects.

The scientists examined the EEG data in search of mu wave suppression (those with a frequency of 8 to 13 hertz). Mu-wave suppression typically happens both when a person acts and when he or she witnesses another person acting.

The research discovered that mu waves were repressed in autistic children only when they took action themselves, not when they watched others take action. The Tell-Tale Brain’s account of the experiment serves as a key tenet of the mirror-neuron theory of autism.

According to this hypothesis, people have the ability to create mental models of the motives and intents of others. Other people’s thoughts and behaviors are predictable.

According to the hypothesis, people anticipate and understand the actions of others by turning on mental processes that, if put into practice, would result in identical conduct.

This covers both deliberate action and emotional expression. According to the hypothesis, kids make predictions about other people’s behavior based on their own feelings.

We consequently impose our own mental states on others. When actions are carried out and when the actions are observed, mirror neurons become active. You can see how these mirror neuron notions are applied in the well-known online series Manifest as the plot develops through various incidences and callings.

The ability of mirror neurons to mirror observable action in the brain may help people understand and recognize the states of others. Since the central message of the television program Manifest seemed to be that “everything is all connected,” Clarke’s presentation on the mirror neuron component provided a much more trustworthy and supported explanation of what these callings might be.

Two people’s mirror systems can move together. Numerous researchers had postulated that when two people communicate, their brains “resonate,” with the other person’s mirror system mirroring changes in the first person.

The phenomenon that appears repeatedly in the online series Manifest. Sound causes mirror neurons to respond. Mirror neurons in monkeys light up in response to sounds that correspond to an action, such as cracking a peanut or ripping paper.

Mirroring has been observed in people and birds listening to bird song. Emiliano Ricciardi’s team at the University of Pisa in Italy has discovered that blind people use their hearing to understand other people’s activities by using the same brain regions associated with the human mirror system that sighted people do.

Mirror neuron research is expanding quickly across fields, as seen on the television program Manifest, which explores human mind-to-mind connection via mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are not the majority of cells in the brain regions where they are found, making it challenging to determine their function when such regions exhibit spiking activity.

This technological issue still exists, though. But as the online series Manaifest demonstrated, imagine how lovely the world would be if mirror neurons could affect lifesaving cues. According to some theories, mirror neurons may offer the neurological underpinnings of human self-awareness.

Mirror neurons have the potential to build second-order representations or meta-representations of one’s own prior brain processes in addition to aiding in the simulation of other people’s actions. This may serve as the neurological underpinning of reflection and the reciprocity of self- and other-awareness.

The mirror neuron modular brain that has molded our civilization has revealed a world of metaphysical mysteries, despite the fact that the mystery of the human brain is incomprehensible.

This has been made possible by the unwavering efforts of the ever-aspiring cognitive neuroscientists. Who knows, as evidenced by the web series Manifest, the day may not be too far off when we may use mirror neurons to improve our empathy and create a better society.


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