Mothers day

Mothers day tribute to an unsung Hero-My mom!

On this auspicious day, when I looked up to the sky, I could feel a sudden jerk on my entire body as if My Mom was whispering to me: why dint you come on the day of my burial, my funeral?


What made you so busy that you dint turn up on my last day also?

Tears fall down from my eyes.

The negative coding  I have been carrying for the last 17-years. The grief of the loss of most loved one. My mom!!

But can one move forward with this grief for life long?

Do my mom from heaven want this that I should carry this baggage of grief?

I know, it’s the biggest loss of my life! My mom died silently after fighting her life for one year from Liver cirrhosis while I was far away in Madhya Pradesh. That too, stuck in pipeline construction work in Ujjain. When that most unwanted news came at around 6 pm, there was no way that I could make it to reach my hometown in Assam immediately. She was gone. She was buried in my absence on that August summer evening of 2004!

While carrying that grief so long, today, on this Mother’s Day on 9th May 2021, I realized that Mother is mother.

When I came across today about the acronym of mother i.e M-O-T-H-E-R, my perspective changed.

Mother is Mother. Incomparable.


One and only.



Everlasting love.

Role model in our life.

How can she thinks that his son should keep on doing mourning?

That’s why I decided.

I decided and I reframed my negative code of loss of loved one to ” Love never dies”.

Yes, Love never dies.

This Mother’s Day on 9th May 2021 is celebrated in more than forty countries worldwide to honor Mother, I proudly expressed that it’s because my mom only, who studied only up to class VII, brought us to that small town Barpeta from a remote village for our education only.

She carried 11 children and silently fought her life for our education only. The unsung hero!

And, because of that only, I feel proud that I got that much real Education that I could pay my tribute to my MOM today.

Mom, I love you.

On this day, I deeply express my love, my respect, my honor, and gratitude to my MOM. And, also to all moms around the world living and dead.

Mom, Hats off to you.

Maa, Tujhe salam!!


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  1. Pray for Mom to almighty Allah every day possibly every moment not only mother’s day or on date of death.Jannat /absulote successe are beneath of mother’s feet.May Allah keep your mom peaceful,aamin.

    1. Yes. You are too right. That we all should do.

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