Alam Mir Coaching helped me by making me realize my true potential and helped me in attaining my dream. Now I can talk and feel confidently. Thank you Alam Mir.
Business Man
I highly recommend Alam Mir as a life and career coach. Love You Sir
Mir alam sir's just one session helped me to find my true potential and filled me with tremendous confidence to face my fear and conquer it. He is a great NLP practitioner and his blogs are very knowledgeable and enriching.
Emotion is a mental status of mind which leads physical action of body . Out of emotion we should not act or act of omission without healthy thought . Mr. Alom has expressed the reality if we do act without healthy thought this story and consiquenc as well as . This is an element of a good personality . Great feeling ... keep it up .
Alam Mir sir publication was always very enthusiastic and connected with real world.I learned many things from it . When I read the column I feel very motivated...
Mir alam is a very enthusiastic person and he’s enthusiasm always inspire me to do something great. I am really fortunate to witness a session of him.
Dr. Vikas
I keep myself regularly updated with the content of this website. I like the variety of content and theme of the blog. It is all written in a comprehendible and easy way that anyone can read it in a few minutes though the lesson will remain ingrained in our mind.
I am regular reader of this website. Got to know a lot of things of life hacks. I always wait for Mir Alam's article. Also shared it's columns with my friends. Keep writing, keep motivating.
Tez Prakash
Sir, thank you for being a part of your group. I think one thing that i realises that even you have so much knowledge about public motivation and skills, you still give your time to us. That's great sir. Hope in near future both of our faces will meet each other. Have a nice day sir.
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Piyus, Rajeev Nagar Patna