jeep brake fail

What’s your feeling on a near death experience ?

When real life story calling ….

I never ever thought that carrying an worry inside would one day  make it real to have  that nightmare, that near death experience!

I still have goosebumps when  my memory hit that incident!

That was my days in Jogighooa, Assam during bridge construction project. The Jogighopa to otherside  pancharatna ghat bridge was the third bridge over river Brahmaputra. I used to stay in our construction company camp in pancharatna ghat side. We had company office near river Brahmaputra bridge side from where we had to supervise and monitor construction activities of bridge.

As you might heard ,the   third bridge over the Brahmaputra River in Assam, is named Narayana Setu. It is a double-deck bridge with a railway track on the lower deck and a road on the upper deck. It has a length of 2.284 kilometres and connects Jogighopa, a town of Bongaigaon District on the north with Pancharatna, a town of Goalpara District on the south of river Brahmaputra.

Construction view of river Brahmaputra

Every morning myself along with my boss used to come to office at 8.00 AM by the company Jeep Vehicle.

As you may be knowing The iconic Jeep  Brand is recognized the world over — forever tied to freedom, capability and adventure. Yes, of course Adventure.

The site office was on top of riverbank on newly constructed riverbank on Pancharatna side.

As like any other construction site office, office was located right on top of developed river bank on approach of bridge.

The river bank protected area was 50-60 M higher than water level of River Brahmaputra and the protected bank was in slope towards the water of the river. Our office was just on the top of protected area from where the river protection slope started towards water of the river.

slope river bank

You know, any Willy B Jeep vehicle journey  has a unique story to tell. My  everyday jeep journey from our site camp to site office was like poetry. I was in middle seat between driver on the right side and my boss on the left side.

The journey and reaching the Brahmaputra river bank early in the morning and looking on that scenic beauty of Brahmaputra  River used to give me a feel good effect on my whole body and mind.

scenic beauty of river Brahmaputra
Assam, India- March 29, 2019. A fisherman throws his fishing net to catch fish at the Brahmaputra River during sunset.

My that fateful jeep journey was  not a campaign slogan – “Go Anywhere, Do Anything is a way of life ”

jeep adventure drive

Exactly by 8.00 am, we reached near our site office. Every morning, just before the river bank slope, the driver Dey used to put a harsh brake on the jeep brake pedal to put the vehicle to a stop!

The jeep was put on rest just before the slope.

I had always carry a great worry. Why Driver Dey put his jeep to brake just before the slope! He could have put the brake on a safe distance from the slope. If some day Brake failed!

Why every morning the driver Dey put his leg on brake pedal just before the slope! Why?

If any mishap happened!

Even, I expressed my deep rooted worry to Driver Dey, why he did that brake just before the slope! If failed?

Touching his moustache, Driver Dey used to tell me like  Mithun Chakrabarty style  that it was his expertness!

He liked the charm of putting brake on vehicle to stop to feel the goosebumps. And, he did it so many times.

So, nothing to worry.

Even though I carried this fear, this worry, this anxiety what If the brake failed!

But I could not express it to my boss who used to come on jeep vehicle for the office trip  with a face never smiling! After all, Boss is boss.

But his console never satisfy me. I used to carry that fear of brake fail. But driver Dey was like that Mithun Chakrabarty style  attitude : Who cares!

But I never ever imagined that my every day morning jeep trip worry of brake fail one day come to reality!

Yes, on that fateful day of 13th October, 1991, driver Dey, inspite of his harsh brake of the jeep just before the slope, the brake did not work and……….?

The jeep started falling on slope!!

jeep falling

I was like any other day. On the middle of the first seat between driver on left side and my boss on the right side.

three persons on jeep ride

When the jeep falling on slope towards the mighty river Brahmaputra water just few meter away, my Boss, taking the advantage of seating just near the window on right side of the vehicle, he jumped out from the jeep. But as I was on the middle seat and Driver Dey was driving, by the time, we could do anything like jumping out from the falling jeep, the speed of the falling jeep on slope accelerated and it started going down fast.


Oh!! what a jeep adventure journey on that brake fail day! Just free fall!!

free fall jeep

But luckily, by the grace of God, the jeep hit low water stone dump and came to a stop, without rolling  upside down.

Both  myself and driver Dey were inside the jeep without getting hurt!!Sat shaken. Frozen. Almost breathe out!!

It,s like near to death!!

On the other hand, my boss after jumping from jeep and rolling on Stoney slope, had multiple injuries on his heads and legs!

I still feel shaken when I remember the incident.

But I still not get the answer of my never ending query, how, a worry could come into reality!!

Was it just fate, destiny? Or something like law of attraction worked because of continuous worry that it would happen one day! Or beyond of our imagination ???

Hope, the question will linger  on your mind also……what’s behind such real life near death experience because of a mere worry ?

Our quest will go on and on till we get an answer!


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