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Why Career Counselling is Important for Students ?

If you ask a student of class 8 or 9 or 10 to do a career counselling, probably you will find no reaction. If you ask the same question to parents of the students, you will find skeptical reply. They are not sure.

Need Career counselling

Career Counselling is one of the most important aspect of a student’s life. Specially for students entering class Eight which may become the turning point of students life for his or her future career!

career counselling

If student misses career counselling, he or she should go for it in class Nine. If not, students should go just after class ten board exam to decide future stream!

But who cares!

Most of us wants to go with the trend.


But here I want to emphasize the quote:

There is no burden heavier than regret!!

Why to regret later on?

Why not to take the desired action now to pursue career counselling rather than regretting later on. That generally happened.

Did this regret part happened with you.

Might be. Or Might not be.

But we, as parents, experienced it.

Why I shared our part of the story here only to remind you that same may happen with you as parents. Or may not be.

But what’s wrong to be prepared for our dearest grown up kids?

Before going into the detail of the story.

Let me ask you. How many of you having kids intend to go for a career counselling. And, if so, why you want to go for it.

What’s your expectations?

What you or your kids will gain from a career counselling.

Is it really need of the hour for a student’s career after entering class Eight? Or should you wait?

Do you really need career counselling for your school going kids?

Or He or she is brilliant enough to pursue further career whatever he or she is thinking or has passionate about?

power question for career counselling

If you ask above questions, you will be able to figure it out whether you should go for career counselling!

Now, coming back to our part of story…..

sharing story
share your story – handwriting on a note with a cup of coffee, storytelling, sharing and networking concept

When our son was in class Nine after passing crucial year that is class VIII, we sat with him several times to figure out what he should read after class X, science or Arts/Humanities. We could never imagine about commerce stream. We found him Tech savvy boy! Most of the time, he seemed busy with PC or any electronics gadgets. Even, he could easily fix up small problems. He was observed very engrossed in PC games graphics and software handling.

But his marks in science especially in Mathematics were not up to the mark. But his arts subjects score was too good. His mother thought that he was a students of Arts only and He should go for Humanities in Class XI/XII.

One of his Maths teacher also told him that He was not fit for Science stream!

But being an Engineer, I had a wish always that our son should do science stream in XI to pursue later on Engg and so I started inserted into his mind to go for science stream only. By that time,  I was already inspired after reading so many self help books, I asked him to write ten or twelve pages about what He wanted to study in Class XI. His all writings and wishes inclined to go for Computer courses.

After thoroughly examining his writings about his dreams/His wishes and also after counselling him  by both of parents, It was decided that He should go for science stream only as His all Ten-pages writings about his setting goal for future career goal was to peruse computer course. So, He took science stream and we as parents felt relaxed and happy. But once put in Hostel for class XI science stream with additional course for JEE, He seemed most of times tense and all his brightness/ Excitement in his faces started diminishing!

That was the greatest mistake  of our decision to put him into science stream!

Even though after class XII, he got admission in computer science in one of the most prestigious private university of India, after completion of Ist.Semester he had to leave Computer science Engg because of peer pressure as well as too complicated computer courses which He felt later that Science stream/Computer Engg was not his cup of tea!

After losing One complete year, He was Finally admitted to Mass communication course only! That was part of humanities!!

The above real life story happened with our son taught us the most deserving lesson in life. Go for professional career counselling for your dearest son or daughter when they enter in to Class VII. If somehow missed, you should go for Class IX or even in Class X to decide stream I class XI/XII.

Because, once neglected, now, career counselling is seemed to be most deserving one. It has got its demand slowly in today’s fast paced competitive student’s life. Unfortunately, career counselling once used as a tool for change of career only. But, now, for a student’s near future life, one should go for career counselling. Not to regret later on like I did. And, like our son suffered and lost one valuable year.

The most important matter is if a student doesn’t pick the right course, it would inadvertently affect their career choice later on. A recent study done on this aspect is shocking!

Research says  that 1 in 3 students are unhappy with the course that they picked which  is nearly half a million dissatisfied university students!

In this regard, recent survey data is shocking!

suicidal feeling

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report,  one student commits suicide in India every hour. Data reveals that  India has witnessed one of the highest suicide rates among people of the age group of 15 to 29 years. Students from class 10 and 12 are the most vulnerable group, and the major reason for the suicide attempt is the pressure from board examination.

Can you imagine above  figures directs  to one clear truth – The importance of career counselling for students!

importance of career counselling

Career counselling for students  ensures the right kind of help to overcome confusion students have and parents as well.  Adequate career counselling stops students from making mistakes to choose a career which later on may find difficult to pursue.

One of the aspect of career counselling is to take a psychometric test.

The psychometric tests analyses interests of students because generally, students are confused between their various interests but these psychometric tests help figure out students’ capabilities towards each of their interest.

With career counselling, students would be able to know –

  • Their aptitude and interests
  • Strengths and weaknesses of a particular interest
  • Making choice of stream for education after class 10
  • Career options available in market as per their academic choice
  • Career options available as per their interest
  • Some alternate career options if they decide to change their stream in future

Career counselling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards a right career path. Students need to know the importance of career coaching and right guidance before they are going to choose an academic stream after taking the board exams.

If you really want grown up kids to excel in their students life, you should give it a serious thoughts to go for career counselling.

As I have already completed and certified as a career counselor from Global Career counsellor and presently associated with career futura , anyone may contact me for anything about career counselling for students.


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  1. Sir
    Thanks for such a wonderful article highlighting one aspect which majority of parents neglect. I was also confused after 10th class whether to opt for humanities or science. But I believe, whatever happens, happened for good. I am happy with my life.
    I am shocked to read about the suicide rate in India. I too agree counselling can help hugely. I just want to convey that many of us feel that one failure or one wrong decision is the end of life but the truth is that LIFE is very beautiful and big to end it soon.
    Live happily and embrace everything which comes your way.

    1. That’s right. We should always take the every day happenings in our life in a positive perspective to lessen stress!
      And, specially, for students, career counselling is ultimate once you realise that counselling helps to be a better version of oneself!!

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