Why books so important to change your life

I still remember the day my father asked me to present a book to my daughter in her 6th. the month of birth while we held one function as per ritual. That was the love of my father for books.

He was an intense reader.

And, So I am.

While looking back, I can now realize how books help me to shape my life.

Without reading books other than course books, I would not have been where I am today.

Still, I had the regret, if I could have access to all those self-help books like Awaken the Giant within., The Unlimted Power. 



of Tony Robbins in my younger days to transform my life more.

But time is not running out. Still, like me, you can also read numerous books on different subjects at any age.

Because Books have the power to change a life.

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I am a live example of book reading.

Though in my early life, I have not heard this quote Leaders are readers but I always have a passion to read books. Even, any book fair anywhere attracts me to make a visit.

I think it’s not me but most of us do that.

But how many of you go into the depth of books and implement its meaningful content in your persona life.

Maybe many.

Because Book is nothing but B-O-O-K – Big Ocean Of Knowledge!

That,s why, I am repeating here, why book reading is so important to change your life !!

It is well said that Books can be your best and true friend. Book Simplifies our lives, Books allow their readers to internalize, respond, react, and transform if they intend to.

For your kind information and get a Goosebumps, Google Books estimates that there are about 130 million books in existence. UNESCO estimates that about 2 million books are published worldwide each year.

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Books allow Readers to travel without using their feet.

Books give wings to our imagination.

Books are full of knowledge, joy, happiness, wisdom and so much more into it,

Books are more than enjoyment,

Books have the capability to transform your life,

Books can help you in your hardest time,

Books make you realize that you are not alone in this world who are struggling,

Book gives a solution and gives you a new way and a new perspective to look at things and situations.

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How book changed my entire life to a new direction, now only I realized from that incident happened in life.

I still adore those days. It was Christmas day, 25th December 1992. I was on my way to the new Bridge construction project., Lungley, Mizoram with my Boss and his wife.

As Boss was travelling with his wife and they were busy chatting, Boss handed over me a book titled “The sixth Minute”, a crime thriller.

It was a very interesting book. The book was about to revive a book named “ The sixth minutes” which was banned because of its content. But what I liked about the book was a quote which says: There is no burden heavier than regret.

This quote on the story of the book was so powerful that it was mentioned on so many occasions as the story progressed.

So, I remembered it by heart and made it a point.

After working for six months in that remote village, I got an interview call for a company in Kolkata. But that time, due to heavy rainfall, there was heavy landslides in between Silchar, the southern city of Assam and Mizoram.

My boss also told me how you will go and what would be the guarantee that you will get the job. Also, he asked me all those companies were only to extract more work from you with late hour works and no life.

But I had been carrying that quote inside me…..

There is no burden heavier than Regret.

If I had to regret later on why I had not gone. Regret will be a burden on me. So, I must try to attend the interview somehow so that I should not regret it later on.

So, I took it as a challenge and decided to travel with a sub-contractor loading truck that was on its way to Silchar to drop some migrant workers as their jobs were completed. As the truck driver was reluctant to travel because of a roadblock fifty km away from our construction site, I had to request him again and again that I would take the lead to cross that landslides road blockage area. When we reached that road blockage point, we observed Army engineer was busy instructing JCB, Poclain ( Excavator) operator to clear landslide debris to make a temporary road. There was a queue of hundreds of trucks and other vehicles in that landslide area. There were no chances that our truck will be allowed to cross.

While requested the Army Engineer to somehow allow us to cross the road, He simply told me” Are you crazy?”

For the first time in my life, I felt so tense and nervous that my logical power vanished for the next course of action as all involved GREF Engineer asked me that probably two days we had to wait there.

No way to attend the interview in Kolkata.

But, after ten minutes of deep thinking, I remembered another famous quote from Assam’s famous author Homen Borgohain,s book Atmanusandhan .

which says  “ I will find a way or make one

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Whenever I felt low, I used to say this quote to myself again and again…” I will find a way or make one” and it became a mantra to me. It’s like self-affirmation when adversity comes to my life.

In that crucial junction of my life, I affirmed myself, again and again to this quote again to me: I will find a way or make one.

It empowered me so much that it pushed me to talk to the officer in charge and described to him my urgency to attend the interview in Kolkata in another two days’ time.

I literally made him convinced and ultimately, he told us that our team will take a rest for half an hour and you saw the condition of the road as still, the landslide was there. So, if your truck driver can take the risk to drive on that temporary hilly road to cross that half-kilometer area within that half an hour rest time, you are thorough.

I convinced the truck driver and taking a life risk, our truck crossed that hilly track and we all closed our eyes with the crossed finger, surrendering ourselves to almighty and safely crossed that broken road.

Ultimately, I could reach Kolkata on time and attended the interview and I got selected and for the last 24 years, I was working for the same company.

That was only possible, because of those quotes I got on the books which say..

There is no burden heavier than regret and I will find a way or make one.

This is the power of the book! This is the hidden secret, why book reading is so important to change your life!!

How you can easily get books on varied subjects with no investment and how fast you can read all those books that are another story to describe which will take a vast space.

So, I am planning to write about that in my next write up.

Till then, have a good time reading more and more books!!


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  1. This is so good post. I really liked the way to describe why we should read books. Thank you sir

    1. I really liked the concept of reading of books through your content. Now I am more convinced about reading books and taking inspiration. Thank you. Keep writing and keep motivating. All the best ?

      1. Thank you so much. Be inspired to keep me inspired.

        1. Always sir

      2. Tej, now it is your turn to continue with your READING spree, buddy!

        1. Yes. That is much needed.

  2. Nice writing Vi. Please do more..insallah

  3. Very interesting story and great experience

    1. The way you described is fantastic. Post is really worth reading.

  4. Oh fantastic explanation about books…rlly books are the real frands snd also d philosopher and guide of our lives…wish to read more from u..thanks for such a wonderful writing.

    1. Thank you so much.Sure, I will empower you with more

  5. It’s really amazing , the explanation is awesome and u are an inspiration to us all , eagerly waiting to read more blogs like this.

    1. Thank you so much. Keep inspired and motivated.

  6. I really liked this article as it talks about my favourite thing i.e. BOOKS. I loved the content which started from the benefits of books but ended with the personal examples from your life.
    I am an avid reader and believe that there is no friends better than BOOKS. They only give and never expect anything in return. It is the only way to live many life in few hours.
    I generally never read books for vocabulary, information, knowledge or ideas but just to do a bit of meditation (because I am unable to do meditation in traditional style). Reading few pages before sleeping gives the sound sleep. All the information and experience are just BONUS for me.

    Keep writing Sir.
    Words are powerful and you never know how you might be changing someone’s life through your articles.

    All the best, Sir.

    1. Thank you for your well-explained feedback. Your writings show you are an avid reader.

    2. Thank you so much.Your detailed explanation tells how seriously you went through the Article and it gave me immense pleasure and also exposes that you are also an avid reader.

  7. I really liked the concept of reading of books through your content. Now I am more convinced about reading books and taking inspiration. Thank you. Keep writing and keep motivating. All the best ?

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend Tej.

    2. Thank you so much. Your feedback is most valuable to me.

  8. The article is very well crafted..even I am a knowledge seeker and have read some of the books mentioned like those Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Robert Kiosaki among others. Self help books are great to introspect and apply.

    1. Thank you so much and delighted to know that you are also an avid reader. Keep it up.

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