Dream interpretation a realty?

How dream interpretation revelations may give your life an Aha! Moment?

During my two-year assignment in Algeria, I received a call from my wife about 2 a.m. one night.

I was taken aback.


It might be a dangerous situation.

There could be some unpleasant news.

Why was there an urgent call at 2 a.m.?

What went wrong?

I questioned my wife, “What’s the matter?” with a shaky palm.

She said, sarcastically, that she’d had a nasty dream!

wife,s nasty dream

I was relieved to discover that it was simply a dream!

However, the dream was interpreted differently by my wife.

If you had a nasty dream early in the morning, it’s likely that it’ll come true.

It will transpire in the manner depicted in the dream.

But what did she dream about?

Is dream real

What compelled her to call at 2 a.m. despite the fact that it was early morning in India due to the four-and-a-half-hour time difference?

Her dream was……

Yes, such an early morning dream must be strange!

In her dream, she saw me marrying for the second time.

I kept quiet after learning about my second marriage in Algeria, and when she asked me about it over the phone when I arrived in New Delhi, India.

When she kept asking if I had a second marriage, I simply remained silent, and by the time she could hear my response, she had awoken.

That was her horrible dream in the early morning!

What was my reaction?

I couldn’t stop laughing from the pit of my stomach.

I married for the second time!

How it could be?

While it’s too difficult to deal with the one wife I’ve ever had, should I watch my balance hairs become grey as quickly if I could do a second one……

Dreams have enthralled humanity since the dawn of time, and they will almost certainly continue to do so in the future.

We’ve learned a lot about the human brain thanks to science, yet we may never know for sure what our dreams imply.

When it comes to dreams, we always think of them as mystical.

Supernatural, Paranormal

Or, in other words, whatever meaning you assign to it.

Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist, felt that dreams are a window into our subconscious and show a person’s:

  • Unspoken wants
  • Thoughts
  • Motivations

Dreams, according to Freud, were a mechanism for people to satisfy urges and wants that were not socially acceptable.

Dreams, according to several experts, exist to:

  • Assist us in resolving issues in our lives
  • Include recollections
  • Work through your feelings

So, how about you?

Do you have any experience with dreams?

What significance did you assign to your dreams?

Have you ever had a dream that someone you encountered gave you advice on how to live your life?

Have you ever experienced a dream that you can recall?

All of the above questions will undoubtedly bring you to this enigmatic world of dreams.

Dreams are stories and images created by our minds while we sleep.

They might be really vibrant.

They have the ability to make you happy, sad, or afraid.

They can be perplexing or entirely sensible.


Dreams can occur at any point during the night.

However, during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when your brain is most active, you have the most vivid dreams.

According to some specialists, we dream four to six times per night.

But why do they have such a strong sense of realism?

Is it possible that our subconscious is trying to tell us something?

Is this a divine message?

Is there a vision?

For millennia, philosophers and drunkards have argued these problems, but contemporary science can now supply very serious answers.

Until the 1700s, scientists explained dreaming by claiming that the imagination was the only portion of the brain still functioning when someone slept,  according to Dr William MacLehose, a lecturer in the History of Science and Medicine at University College London.

Dr William Fleming MacLehose

They thought the part of the brain that validated reality was out of commission, so the sleeper believed everything.

Soldiers who were too frightened to confront an enemy in real life but dreamed of being brave enough to do so, later on, were mentioned in mediaeval manuscripts.

Sigmund Freud, the pioneering neurologist, believed that dreams were a type of “wish fulfilment” and that wet dreams were the ultimate expression of that “wish fulfilment” in the twentieth century.

There are several viewpoints on what dreams imply, just as there are various viewpoints on why we dream.

According to some specialists, dreams have no relation to our actual feelings or ideas.

They’re merely odd stories that have nothing to do with everyday life.

Others believe that our dreams represent our own thoughts and feelings, such as our deepest wants, worries, and concerns, particularly recurring ones.

We can acquire insight into our lives and ourselves by interpreting our dreams.

Many people claim that their best ideas occur to them when they are dreaming.

But what about my wife’s fantasy of a second marriage by me?

When I told my Algerian friend who works in the IT department about it, he did something interesting.

To find out the answer, he used one of his smartphone apps.

I was blown away.

Apps for dream interpretation on mobile devices, as well as an IT specialist.

My IT friend told me that your wife’s dream interpretation seemed to be a decent one for you both after examining the apps.

What exactly is it?

My IT Friend added, “Dreaming about a second marriage symbolises mobility, independence, and freedom,” as if he were an expert.

mystical dream

You’ll bounce back from whatever has been said about you.

It’s possible that your standing will improve.

Calm and dignity are the ideals.

He demonstrated the apps to me.

The application of dream interpretation

It works on all Android devices. Ibn Sirin 2021 is a compilation of dream analyses.

It operates without the internet and can be shared with friends through social networking sites.

Do you believe all of this, as an IT expert? I asked him.

At the same time, I inquired about his religious status, as he was a devout Muslim who observed the five pillars of Islam, including daily prayers, reading the Quran, and memorising hadith.

He revealed to me some new ideas, such as the fact that Allah has bestowed a special power on a select few people who can correctly interpret dreams.

Allah gifted Yusuf (as) with the capacity to interpret dreams in the Quran; he understood what dreams meant and could explain them to others.

Hazrat Ibn Sirin is in the same boat.

Hazrat Ibn sirin

I informed my wife of the same reading, but she refused to believe it, claiming that how could you believe in dream interpretation apps?

But later that evening, my wife called to tell me that her MBA maths exams, which had been pending for the previous year, had been cleared.

I informed my Algerian IT friend about it, and he said that according to your dream interpretation, it suggested that your wife would upgrade herself because she had an MBA.

More surprising Ws: the next day, I was promoted to the next grade in my service!

Wasn’t it incredible?

Abu Bakr al-Bassari, also known as Mohammed bin Sirin, or Ibn Sirin, was a pioneer in the study of dream interpretation in Islam.

He was able to become a leader in this “art” form by combining his linguistic expertise, intelligence, and insight, similar to Prophet Yusuf at the time.

His most famous work, A Concise Guide to Dream Interpretation, is still used as a reference today.

Nonetheless, Ibn Sirin’s contributions to interpretation remain hazy to this day, and his abilities in this field have not been sufficiently studied to shed light on his abilities.

However, it is apparent that he evaluated dreams using direct semantic meanings.

Dreams can sometimes come true or predict future events.

Experts say it’s most likely due to

• Coincidence

• Bad memory

• An unconscious linkage of known events when you have a dream that comes true in real life.

However, dreams can sometimes encourage you to act in a certain way, so altering the future.


Because even the tiniest interruption might cause dream memory to be disrupted, you should strive to recall as much of your dream as possible as soon as you wake up.

Do not get out of bed or entertain any other thoughts.

Try to remember any visuals or recollections from your dream and jot them down on paper next to your bed or on your phone.


It’s entirely up to you.

You can either continue your adventure into the mysterious world of dreams by interpreting the dreams in front of you to get an Aha! moment or you can disregard them.


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