Dream manifestation through Shahrukh Khan dialogue in Om Shanti Om

Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om Dialogue: The Secret Sauce to Transform Your Dreams into Reality

Many among you are likely familiar with the iconic dialogue uttered by the luminary Shahrukh Khan in the cinematic gem, OM SHANTI OM.

Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour of the silver screen, one might wonder: does such phenomena truly unfold in the tapestry of real life? Opinions on this matter are as diverse as the stars in the night sky, with debates on its feasibility and manifestation abound.

However, let me assure you—it is not merely a figment of imagination. Its realization lies in the depths of one’s sincerity and earnestness, in the unwavering belief that the universe conspires to fulfill the desires of those who dare to dream.

Shahrukh Khan dilaogue

Delving deeper into the realm of expression, there exists a peculiar phenomenon: when this dialogue graces the lips of certain individuals, an involuntary gesture ensues—a subtle homage to the charisma of Shahrukh Khan, perhaps. It may seem whimsical at first glance, yet never did I envisage that I would one day embrace this dialogue with such earnestness, bearing witness to its miraculous unfolding in my own life.

In the eloquent words of a cherished dialogue, it is proclaimed that the earnest desires of the heart beckon the universe’s orchestration towards their fulfillment. Yet, one might question the feasibility of such a notion. How could the cosmos possibly conspire to grant a proposal from the very person one envisions as their life partner? Such skepticism is natural, as expressed in our musings. However, allow me to share a tale of silent manifestation, woven intricately by our beloved son, Mohsin, during an evening of familial warmth at Patna’s renowned Pind Balluchi.

Pind Balluchi Revolving restaurant in Patna

During my tenure at the IIT Patna project, Mohsin, our son, accompanied me during his college vacation. One serene evening, we ascended to the apex of the Biscoman Towers, where the illustrious revolving restaurant “Pind Balluchi” resides, offering a panoramic vista of Patna’s sprawling expanse and the majestic Ganges.

Amidst the revolving ambience of this iconic establishment, as we savored our cherished delicacies of chicken biryani and kababs,

I casually expressed a fleeting wish to Mohsin—that one day, he would extend to us the same hospitality in a distinguished setting.

Little did I anticipate the gravity with which Mohsin internalized my passing remark. The unfolding of events thereafter bore testimony to the profound resonance of his heartfelt aspirations. The fruition of this unspoken wish manifested itself in a manner that transcended mere coincidence. Once again, I found myself reminded of the potent wisdom encapsulated in Shahrukh Khan’s immortal dialogue from the cinematic masterpiece, Om Shanti Om.

Thus, through the subtleties of life’s intricacies and the quiet determination of a loving son’s heart, we were bestowed with a manifestation of dreams realized—a testament to the mysterious ways in which the universe conspires to fulfill the desires that linger within the deepest recesses of our souls.

Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

When your desires align with the universe, every force converges to aid in their realization. Your intentions ripple through the cosmos, resonating with the celestial language of synchronicity. It’s the orchestration of myriad powers that sets events into motion. Scientists elucidate that at the core of all existence lies the atom, the fundamental building block of everything. In this interconnected web of creation, every action reverberates throughout the cosmos. And so it was with Mohsin.

On a mesmerizing Friday evening, our journey led us to Duliajan,the oil town in the Dibrugarh District of Assam due to its association with the oil industry, particularly the presence of Oil India Limited (OIL) headquarters where we were graciously received by Mohsin, our dear son. Little did we anticipate the delightful surprise awaiting us as he ushered us into the illustrious OIL FIELD Hotel, a testament to his dedication over the past five months.

Amidst the opulent ambiance of the OIL FIELD Hotel in Duliajan, Mohsin raised a toast that resonated with heartfelt sincerity. He shared with us the profound journey of fulfilling his father’s cherished dream, one that had been kindled seven years ago during that  memorable dinner at the enchanting Revolving Restaurant, Pind Balluchi, in Patna.

As Mohsin recounted the heartfelt conversation with his father, it was evident that this dream, once a mere flicker of hope, had blossomed into a glorious reality. Today, standing tall amidst the splendor of the OIL Town Duliajan, Mohsin proudly presented his parents and to his lovely sister Naushin,  with a remarkable achievement, a testament to his unwavering determination and boundless love.

The evening unfolded into a symphony of joy and gratitude, punctuated by the clinking of glasses and the warmth of cherished companionship. Each bite of the sumptuous feast served as a reminder of the journey that led to this momentous occasion, a celebration of dreams fulfilled and bonds strengthened.

In the embrace of camaraderie and shared triumph, we reveled in the beauty of this extraordinary evening, forever etched in our hearts as a testament to the power of perseverance and the fulfillment of cherished dreams amidst the backdrop of Duliajan’s enchanting landscapes.

When we dare to cradle a dream in our hearts, it unfolds like a delicate tapestry of possibilities, painting the canvas of our imagination with hues of hope and ambition. Yet, amid this ethereal realm of dreams, the path to actualization remains shrouded in mystery, obscured by the veil of uncertainty.

It takes not only vision but also valor to embark upon this journey of dreams. While some may glimpse the faint outlines of the path ahead, it is the courageous few who dare to step forward, bravely traversing the labyrinth of challenges and obstacles that lie in wait.

Because every dream is a seed that needs to be tended to by action and tenacity. With deliberate intention, every step we take and choice we make paints a picture of our future and shapes the course of our trip.

The universe serves as both a mentor and an examiner in this enormous tapestry of creation, providing us with encouragement and direction while also putting us through hardships to see how strong we are. As we demonstrate that we are deserving of the dreams we cherish, it is via these struggles that our genuine value becomes apparent.
One has to decide which side to support: actively participating in the realization of dreams or staying a passive observer amid the chorus of doubt and denial.

Let your conviction burn bright in the face of doubt and cynicism, illuminating the way ahead with the flame of your resolve.
Remember Shah Rukh Khan’s words as the voices of opposition become louder and the sounds of impossibility resound: “Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho… to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.”

As you call on the powers of the cosmos to work in your favor, let these words serve as more than just a mantra—let them be an affirmation of your faith.

Experience and assimilate it to realize your deepest desire.
You will definitely receive help from the cosmos to make your goal come true.


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